Zoho CRM Reviews: A Look At Key Features, Integrations and Pricing


zoZoho CRM is one of the most popular cloud-hosted CRM apps helping companies attract and retain customers, and to keep them satisfied while the business is expanding. The best thing about this system is its universal applicability and impeccable functionality for both small and large businesses.

As powerful as it is, Zoho CRM will automate the most cumbersome daily activities, keep a close eye on sales progress, and engage leads on multiple locations. The system is enriched with a fully-functional mobile platform which can keep you updated regardless of your location.

What is more, you can always extend the system’s functionality by integrating it with popular business solutions, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, ConstantConnect, QuickBooks, and MailChimp, while there are also a couple of cloud connectors which can help it work flawlessly with OneSaaS and CloudWork.

In our Zoho CRM reviews you’ll learn more about the software’s benefits, pricing, technical specs and more.


Key Benefits of Zoho CRM

Driving and Managing Sales

Zoho CRM is a precious sales asset for every company, as it gathers business leads from web visitors, the same as a variety of external sources including email services, trade shows, and seminars. Once leads are imported in the system, Zoho CRM selects the most sales-ready leads, and connects them to the most experienced sales person in the team. Converting leads is a single-click operation that can easily be customized to suite your business rules and processes.

Among the many advantages we cite in our Zoho CRM reviews is that it coordinates and organizes customer accounts, based on where they’re coming from, their location and purchase history, and pulls out the most important cross-sale and up-sale opportunities.

With a system like this, companies can make accurate revenue forecasts, assign, edit, or establish sales quotas, follow the performance of employees and teams, and customize detailed reports for different time periods.

Making the most of your data

Zoho CRM comes with a powerful Opportunity Tracking feature thanks to which the business can track leads down the sales cycle, and gather all contact and deal history in a single database in order to improve future communication. As a result, the company comes up with timely and more fitting messages, as all information is neatly organized on the dynamic and user-friendly dashboard.

The same feature can be applied to spot and remove inactive leads, or to realign with them using their historical data.

Another useful feature is the Business Card View, allowing companies to distinguish relevant from irrelevant leads, and to detect important information in a glance, rather than scrolling for it. You should also check the system’s Notes Section where all conversations and similar content are displayed for better communication.

Social Media Integration

Zoho CRM can be easily associated to your Facebook and Twitter pages, from where it will extract and categorize leads, share comments, and send invitations.

Mobile Optimization

Zoho CRM has a separate Mobile Edition used which ensures full access to information and sales records via mobile devices, and keeps users updated regardless of their location.

Google Apps Integration

It is incredibly easy to integrate Zoho CRM with Google’s Email, Docs, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts.

Check out this detailed Zoho CRM review to learn more about what the software has to offer.

Main Features of Zoho CRM

Lead Generation & Management

  • Automated Lead Management Processes
  • Importing Website Leads
  • Importing Social Media Leads
  • Importing Leads from Email Systems
  • Importing Leads from External Databases (Trade Shows, Seminars, etc.)
  • Easy, One-Click Conversion of Leads into Opportunities and Accounts
  • Matching Hot and Sales-Ready Leads to Sales Professionals
  • Extracting best B2B/B2C sales practices
  • Tracking Leads until Closure

Sales Force Automation

  • Lead Qualification
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Quota Management
  • Sales Stage & Probability Analysis
  • Accurate, Real-Time Forecasting

Account Management

  • Single Database
  • Customer Data Records across Geographies, Accounts, and Statuses
  • Parent-Child Relationships between Accounts and Subsidiaries
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Purchase History (Price Quotes, Orders, and Invoices)
  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Opportunity Tracking

Efficient Tracking and Follow Up

  • Meeting/Event Invitations for Employees and Leads
  • Saving Calls and Meetings in an intuitive Calendar
  • Logging Sales-Ready Customer Calls
  • Event Management (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly)

CRM Management

  • Customizing CRM Records according to Workflow Rules
  • Pre-Defined Intervals for Scheduling Workflow Actions
  • Templates for Email Notifications
  • Instant Webhooks Notifications for Third Parties
  • Macros Automate Tasks
  • Alerts upon every Record Modification

Web Forms Integration

  • Capturing Leads directly from the CRM
  • Coding-Free Form Creation
  • Personalized Rules for Lead Distribution
  • Instant Form Upload

Sales Tracking & Management

  • 360-Degree View
  • Customization with a Drag-and-Drop Wizard
  • Alerts on Big Deals
  • Importing Sales Opportunities from Third-Party Services and Solutions
  • Monitoring Leads during the entire Sales Cycle
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Escalation Process
  • Sales Pipeline


  • Full Visibility based on Most Recent Activities
  • Cold Prospect Identification for Sales Follow Up
  • Real-Time Sales Updates
  • Sorting Records by Modules and Record Owners
  • Sorting Updates by Modules and Record Owners
  • Tracking Critical Records

Sales Forecasting

  • Accessing both Individual and Group Performance
  • Revising, Assigning, and Creating Sales Quotas
  • Accuracy Forecasting against Commit Amounts
  • Full Customization of Forecasts and Dashboards
  • Revenue Forecasting based on available Data

Productivity Management

  • Customizable Fields
  • Business Card Views
  • Instant Glance on Contact Details without having to scroll or search


  • Merge Mail to Premade Templates for various Modules
  • Tracking, Collating, and Distributing Customers’ Email Activity across the program
  • Linking Email Copies to the right CRM Contact
  • Designing Templates
  • Updating User Info in Merged Documents
  • Intuitive Mailbox Scanning
  • Selection of most relevant Emails
  • Secure Template Management
  • Sending Emails via Preferred Email Clients
  • Sharing Emails based on your own Rules

Document Library

  • Multiple Versions for Each Document
  • Fast Colleague Feedback for Improvement
  • Role-Based Folders with Subfolders
  • Sending Documents straight from the CRM
  • Collateral Sharing with Salespeople

Social CRM

  • Likes and Comments
  • Engaging Future Prospects on Social Networks
  • Direct Replying to Messages, Mentions, and Likes via Social Profile
  • Examining Customer Preferences and Interests
  • Following Social Interactions with your brand

Mobile CRM

  • Capturing Leads directly from Trade Shows
  • Digitalizing Business Cards
  • Saving Business Cards on Mobile Device
  • Receiving Sales Alerts
  • Searching Nearby Customers
  • Creating Tasks

Google Apps CRM

  • Autoresponders
  • Campaign Creation & Email Management
  • Custom Modules
  • API
  • Webhooks
  • Custom Functions
  • Security Controls
  • Territory & Organizational Hierarchy

Zoho CRM Pricing Plans

Zoho CRM is a pay-per-month service the subscription for which can be canceled, upgraded, or downgraded at any moment. You can pay using your preferred gateway, because Zoho supports all major cards, banks , and money transfer systems.

Free Plan

The Free Plan was designed for entrepreneurs, and includes three users and 5,000 available records. You will have access to the following features: Accounts & Contacts, Mobile Access, Lead Management, Sales Opportunities, Social CRM, Web Forms, Mobile Access, Developer API.

Standard Plan – $12/user/month

The Standard Plan was designed for small businesses interested to improve sales tracking. It encompasses all Free Plan features with additional 100,000 records, Dashboard and Reporting, Sales Forecasting, Marketing Campaigns, Customization, Documents Library, and Email Marketing.

Professional Plan – $20/user/month

The Professional Plan is designed for small and medium businesses looking to purchase a complete CRM solution. There are all features from the Standard Plan, but also Email Integration, Inventory Management, Customer Support, Workflow Automation, Role-Based Security, and Merged Mail.

Enterprise Plan – $35/user/month

This is the highest plan designed for enterprises and multi-level organizations. It includes all Professional features, together with: Custom Modules, Custom Related List, Advanced Workflow Rules, Territory Management, Help Desk Integration, Call Center Connectors, and Multiple Currencies.


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