Want A Break From Amazon? Here Are 5 Alternatives To Consider


Amazon is undoubtedly the top website when it comes to online retail. But not everybody is happy with this e-shopping giant. If you are looking for alternatives to Amazon, you can consider websites that we review in our article. We describe niche sites that can help you get what you want when it comes to specific types of products. Read on to learn more.

1. Rakuten for General Purchases


Rakuten bought the more famous Buy.com in 2010 and refurbished the website. Rakuten has also bought out plenty of other North American and European e-commerce sites, and has emerged as a worthy competitor to Amazon. It offers more than 17 million items at reasonable prices.

The highlight of this website is its loyalty program named Rakuten Super Points. When you buy items on the site you will garner Super Points that you can use to pay for future purchases, thereby getting a discount. Long-term customers can thus benefit from this program.

Rakuten offers sports gear, beauty and health products, household and home décor goods, digital entertainment, general electronics, jewelry and apparel, office supplies, computer peripherals, and other general items.

2. eBay for Used Products


If you wish to buy used goods in the auction format, log in to eBay.com. If you want a fixed price, check out items in the “Buy It Now” category.

The highlight of eBay is the section called eBay Deals that can help you save money. The Daily Deals section is also popular as it lists heavily discounted products that are shipped free. Stocks are limited in this category though. Customers need not worry about the quality of the used goods as eBay has a tough Buyer Protection Policy.

3. Newegg for Electronics

Newegg is a favored website for video games, computer accessories and peripherals, laptops, desktops, and other electronic products. Newegg has also branched out to sell sporting gear, apparel, office products, car accessories, and home goods. Browse through their site to find some great deals.

Newegg’s customer service is generally reliable and of good quality for a large website. You can also try MicroCenter or TigerDirect to buy electronic goods at great prices.

4. eMusic for Music


There are plenty of competitors to Amazon in the music category, the biggest of them being iTunes. But eMusic is also favored by discerning buyers as it lets them download full albums and singles in MP3 format that is DRM-free. Members get big discounts of up to 50 percent on all purchases, which benefits long-term customers. eMusic can only be accessed by those in the U.S., Canada, European Union, Switzerland, and Norway.

5. Barnes and Noble for Books

Barnes and Noble

Amazon was founded as an online bookshop and the website has maintained its lead with its Kindle range of products. But if you wish for a change, you can try Barnes and Noble which has a massive collection of printed books as well ebooks that you can choose from. B&N’s ebooks can be read only with a Nook e-reader, or the free Nook app that can be downloaded to your mobile device.


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