TouchBistro Review: Pricing & Features Of The Popular Restaurant Management Software


TouchBistro is a cost-effective POS system designed specifically for the restaurant industry. This solution is ideal for all types of food establishments including fine-dining restaurants, casual eateries, cafés, food trucks, pubs and others.  

The main advantage of TouchBistro is you don’t need to buy a lot of hardware which is the case with conventional restaurant POS platforms. All you need is an iPad device and a cash register to start with. So, you need to invest less than $1000, while with other POS solutions you need to shell out more than $2,000 for peripherals such as a computer, touch-screen monitor, receipt printer, credit card reader and other items.

Another great feature is the vendor offers 24/7 support through phone and email at no extra cost. This support is offered for all packages and you can consult a real person using the dedicated phone line. On top of that, the vendor offers a personalized training program specifically designed for your restaurant type. Your employees can get help from restaurant experts to learn how to maximize the potential of the software.

Benefits of TouchBistro

What benefits can you gain by investing in TouchBistro?

One of the benefits we consistently note in our TouchBistro reviews is that this iPad-based POS solution is ideal for restaurants of all types. It offers sophisticated management capabilities and food service specific features for the unique needs of the restaurant sector.

In traditional and fine dining restaurants, staff can take this POS solution to each table to enable patrons to check out. The advantage is your staff can take a register to the patrons and they don’t have to leave the table to place orders or pay bills.

You can easily cope with rushes as your staff can take the POS solution anywhere in the outlet. Your restaurant’s bearers can take orders tableside and thus speed up service and turn tables faster to improve sales. In addition, your employees can bid goodbye to pen and paper as they can enter orders directly in the IPad and send it to the kitchen wirelessly.

TouchBistro can manage parties and split-checks of different sizes. You can print receipts or sign them on screen and email them. On top of that, the system offers detailed sales reports that tell the management which items are hot selling. These detailed reports also provide information on labor expenses, other costs, and real-time sales. With this easy-to-read data, restaurant owners can make educated business decisions.

You don’t need to depend on the internet as TouchBistro operates on a local connection. In short, with this iPad POS solution your employees can seamlessly perform tasks such as customizing orders, managing tables, and taking payment – all with a few finger swipes.

In our TouchBistro reviews you’ll learn more about the software’s benefits, pricing, technical specs and more.

Overview of TouchBistro Features

  • Table organization
  • Staff management
  • Split & separate checks
  • Simple order steps for patrons
  • Self-ordering kiosk
  • Seamless integration with TouchBistro POS
  • Reporting tools
  • Payment integration
  • Order management
  • Menu customization
  • Loyalty program
  • Lock-in register
  • Inventory management
  • Floor plan management
  • Customizable branding and menu display
  • CRM
  • Checkout management
  • Automated pricing

Pricing of TouchBistro

As you’d note in other TouchBistro reviews, too, pricing depends on the number of licenses purchased by the user. The vendor also offers a free trial. Here are the details:

  • 1 user license at $69/month
  • 2 user licenses at $129/month
  • up to 5 user licenses at $249/month
  • unlimited user licenses at $399/month

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