Top 5 TrustRadius Alternatives That Can Effectively Promote Your SaaS


trPrior to investing their money in any SaaS/B2B service, most customers will probably want to examine various feedback ratings, peer recommendations, and user reviews available online. They usually familiarize themselves with at least a few reviews prepared by experts of actual users from popular platforms to get a better understanding of each solution and decide if it is something fitting their company requirements.

The Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 findings reveal that 88% of survey respondents read online reviews first to find out the quality of a local business (up from 85% in 2013). The study also reveals that 39% of respondents read reviews regularly (up from 32% in 2013). In comparison, 12% did not read reviews in 2014, and 15% did not do so in 2013. These results show that about 90% of respondents read online reviews first in to make an educated decision on a local business. Plus, about 40% read online reviews regularly to learn more about products.

The above findings also apply to B2B software applications. A recent survey prepared by Capterra revealed that 71% of software buyers read reviews and recommendations by their peers and colleagues before deciding to invest in a software solution.

This phenomenon has led to the increase in popularity of B2B review platforms such as TrustRadius which offer credible, independent reviews to help B2B buyers make the right purchase decision. These sites are also a great place for B2B vendors to showcase their products and engage potential buyers.

On TrustRadius, business software users share insights on products through networking and in-depth reviews. The website helps users make educated product selection and usage decisions. It also authenticates all reviewers and vets all reviews before publishing them.


TrustRadius is not a simple rating site. It features substantive and structured reviews that average more than 500 words. Reviews are updated regularly to keep them current. They are also curated into buyer’s guides and product comparisons. Review contributors can build personal profiles to show their technology expertise and gain reputation points from their contributions that can also be “liked” by the community.

However, TrustRadius is not the only popular B2B review platform out there. In this article we’ll discuss the most popular TrustRadius alternatives to give you more options to effectively your product and reach as many potential clients as possible.


fb is one of the best B2B/SaaS review websites online. The platform features unbiased, independent reviews of hundreds of B2B software solutions. This site stands out from the crowd, as it uses an in-house panel of knowledgeable experts who write in-depth product reviews that vendors can use to improve their lead generation strategies.

The site combines in-house reviews with evaluations by lay users to provide a comprehensive overview of all popular software applications. B2B vendors gain a boost in reputation when a FinancesOnline independent review touts the quality of their product.

FinancesOnline also constantly searches for new B2B products to review. So, if you are a B2B software startup, can help you as its review can send more customers to your site and boost your sales. You should check if your product is listed on their site, and if it’s not, you can easily request a review of your product here.

Review sites also give out awards that can highlight your quality and win you more leads. Here are some awards from FinancesOnline.

Review sites also give out awards that can highlight your quality and win you more leads. Here are some awards from FinancesOnline.

What makes the platform really unique is their proprietary SmartScore System, that provides an aggregate score based on a product’s main features such as collaboration capabilities, customer support, app integration, mobility, and customization.

FinancesOnline also uses an innovative Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that analyzes user reviews, online comments, and social media mentions, and gives each product a rating percentage score that indicates general customer satisfaction. Thus, the algorithm provides a practical score that helps buyers determine a product’s social proof with ease.’s Comparison Highlight draws buyers’ attention to the sponsored product.’s Comparison Highlight draws buyers’ attention to the sponsored product.

In addition, the panel of B2B experts regularly hands out various industry awards, quality certificates and trust marks to verify the quality of your product, improve the credibility of your solution and highlight its unique features. It is also possible to acquire new clients and improve your sales with help of FinancesOnline marketing plans designed specifically to assist vendors. It is possible to get a premium positioning for your review on the site and have it suggested as a reliable alternative on review pages of your competitors. This ability to distinguish yourself from the competition can have a huge impact on the number of leads generated by your review page. If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of marketing your product you can request a review here.

2. AppExchange


AppExchange is Salesforce’s marketplace for business apps that cater to the different needs of companies in a wide range of industries. The site hosts more than 2,700 pre-integrated applications that display the potency of Salesforce and help businesses expand their operations more easily. AppExchange is a trusted and reliable cloud computing marketplace and is also a notable user review site.

B2B software buyers can scour AppExchange to look for suitable applications for their company needs. Software vendors can also benefit from it as they can look for custom app developers and system integrators to boost their business.

3. Capterra


Another popular review site, helps B2B buyers select suitable software solutions for their company. The site compares programs to see how they stack up side by side and also enables B2B buyers to connect with the right vendors.

Capterra is one of the most comprehensive review websites hosting products in more than 300 software categories to help businesses buy ideal B2B applications for their needs. It features user reviews, buyer’s guides, and blog posts that provide relevant information on software products. The site is easy to navigate to enable buyers to identify appropriate choices easily.

Capterra’s in-house panel of software experts also help buyers by recommending suitable shortlists of applications that match their specific requirements. Software vendors can also benefit from this site as they can profitably engage prospects online.

4. G2 Crowd


G2 Crowd hosts user reviews of leading business software solutions. Enterprise technology buyers, investors, and analysts can make use of the site’s synthesized social data and user reviews to compare and select suitable software systems.

G2 Crowd allows B2B software users to share their reviews and feedback in real-time. It is a popular platform for business software reviews with more than 25,000 authentic user reviews.

G2 Crowd uses a motivated community of more than 30,000 software users who share their reviews on the website. They provide authentic reviews that are a source of collective knowledge that companies all over the world can utilize to make informed decisions and buy the best software for their needs. In this regard, G2 Crowd’s content can be compared to the peer reviews posted on websites like Amazon and Yelp. G2 Crowd also uses Grid Scoring methodology to help customers find the perfect solution for their business demands. If you are a B2B software user, you can contribute your own reviews to get rewards and earn recognition as an expert.

5. IT Central Station


IT Central Station is a user review site that uses crowdsourcing to highlight the best applications for your business. It features independent, user-generated reviews of B2B SaaS applications for the enterprise tech community.

IT Central Station thoroughly verifies the identity of all its reviewers. It accepts reviews only after an interview. If the interview goes smoothly, the review is posted on the site after getting permission from the reviewer.

IT Central Station’s vetted crowdsourced reviews provide relevant information on B2B software products. This site is widely used by decision makers in the enterprise technology field to make the right choices. IT Central Station also offers expert advice and recommendations for technology buyers. The site only posts objective and current information.

Anonymous users are prevented from posting on IT Central Station. The site hosts a vibrant community of knowledgeable experts, independent consultants, and real users who present their useful reviews and feedback for the benefit of decision makers.


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