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g2crowdNowadays, people interested in buying B2B software will usually use the Internet first to examine things such as user reviews, feedback ratings, and peer recommendations. In most instances, customers are convinced that the most difficult stage of their buying journey is finding out which solution will work out best for their specific requirements. Thus, people first check online to visit user review sites to read reviews from other people on various businesses before finally picking whether the service or product is good for them.

According to the findings gathered by the Local Consumer Review Survey 2014, about 88 percent of its survey respondents have read online reviews first to find experiences about the quality of a local business (compared with 85 percent in 2013). The survey also found that 39 percent of its respondents do read reviews regularly (contrast this with 32 percent the previous year). Compare this with those who did not read reviews in 2014: 12 percent, compared with 15 percent in 2013. What does this mean? It meansin the past year almost nine out of 10 consumers have checked online reviews first to make an informed decision of whether to buy a product from a given local business or not. About four out of 10 also do read online feedback reviews as a regular habit.

That is also basically the case with B2B software tools. A recent survey from Capterra found that 71 percent of software purchasers look at reviews and recommendations by colleagues and peers before purchasing a software tool.

Not surprisingly, user review websites like G2Crowd are big these days, because of their ability to offer credible and independent reviews to help business prospects in their buying decisions. Such review websites are also huge among B2B vendors that are looking for the right online business platforms to showcase their tools and ultimately engage potential customers.

There are quite a few solid G2Crowd alternatives that B2B vendors and buyers can check out, especially if they want to improve their presence online beyond just G2Crowd. Below are five of the best of these alternatives:

1. FinancesOnline.com

Here's how a product review page looks like in one of the B2B directories: FinancesOnline.com

Here’s how a product review page looks like in one of the B2B directories: FinancesOnline.com

FinancesOnline.com is regarded as one of the best online review platforms. The site offers unbiased, independent reviews of hundreds of B2B software solutions currently available in the market. Compared with other review sites that merely rely on user reviews however, FinancesOnline.com has an in-house panel of independent and credible experts who prepare thorough reviews of B2B products.

Combining the assessments by ordinary users and reviews of its in-house experts, the site gives a very thorough overview of software programs available for various business needs. With minimum effort, business vendors can improve their reputation online as FinancesOnline adds substantial credibility to their product.

Likewise, FinancesOnline.com constantly searches for new B2B programs to review. For instance, if you are starting a B2B company, an independent FinancesOnline.com review can easily give you more customers and drastically improve your business sales. It’s fairly easy to see if your product or business has been listed already on the site. If you are still not listed, you can just quickly add your product to the site’s directory.

What is more, FinancesOnline.com offers an innovative SmartScore System, which aggregates a review score based on key functionalities and features of a product combined with other important criteria, such as collaboration features, customization, customer support, mobility, and app integration.

SmartScore system allows clients to quickly see if your product meets certain B2B standards

SmartScore system allows clients to quickly see if your product meets certain B2B standards

FinancesOnline unique Customer Satisfaction Algorithm can analyze user reviews, online comments, and social media mentions, giving each software solution a total score that represent general customer satisfaction. B2B buyers will benefit from the satisfaction rating, since it can help them look at the tool’s social proof easily.

A sample of how the Verified Quality Seal can increase your product’s trust factor.

A sample of how the Verified Quality Seal can increase your product’s trust factor.

In addition, the site gives out excellence certificates and awards, broad-based and specialist trust marks, as well as industry-specific seals that certify the positive qualities of your solution, and therefore improve trust in your product. FinancesOnline.com in-house experts can give out one (or some) quality awards and certificates to flag the unique and important features of your solution. In addition, the Verified Quality Seal can be shown on your review page as well as on your company website to further boost your sales. The seal will be a solid guarantee of your tool’s quality for your potential clients. The seal is a sign that your tool has been positively rated by independent and credible experts and meets the strict quality standards.

2. AppExchange


AppExchange, regarded as one of the leading online business app directories, is Salesforce.com’s marketplace for various business tools that provide amazing solutions for businesses that have different needs. The platform caters a big range of industries.

AppExchange is home to over 2,700 pre-integrated applications, expanding the power of Salesforce and helping businesses grow more efficiently. AppExchange is among the most reliable and trusted cloud computing marketplaces out there, so it has unsurprisingly become a very popular user review site.

The site allows you to search for a qide range of applications aimed at different needs of your business. Software vendors can look for system integrators or even custom app developers to help you expand your business.

3. Capterra

Here's how a product review looks like on Capterra

Here’s how a product review looks like on Capterra

One of the prominent review sites out there, Capterra can help B2B purchasers in looking for the right software tool for their business operations, comparing the available tools that suit their specific needs, and serving as a platform to connect businesses with the right vendors.

The site is among the most comprehensive review platforms for software solutions online, helping countless businesses around world get their ideal B2B solution from over 300 categories listed on-site.

It also helps prospective B2B software purchasers with instructive buyer’s guides, helpful user reviews, and informative blog posts advising them with various software guidelines and tips from a credible third-party source. It also allows users to quickly identify and navigate their picks.

Capterra also helps software vendors tap these prospects more effectively. Capterra has software experts who provide informed advice to help businesses with their B2B software needs and may even recommend a good shortlist of solutions that cater to their customized needs.

4. BestVendor


BestVendor objective is to bring more transpacency and information sharing to software solutions, which is particulatly helpful to those with small and medium-sized businesses and may only have limited budget and staff.

BestVendor is a credible review platform, helping businesses with advice about B2B tools and recommendations for deciding between various software solutions. Recently, the site partnered with Docstoc, a prominent website for small companies, to help create, grow, and spur the growth of small firms. The site’s functionality will not be affected in any way by its affiliation with Docstoc. Businesses can thus continue to remain engaged with its vibrant online community.

5. IT Central Station


IT Central Station is another prominent user review website that relies on crowdsourcing to help businesses with the best B2B software solutions. It gives out independent, user-generated reviews of B2B SaaS products for the enterprise tech community.

With IT Central Station, a community site manager verifies the reviewer’s identity first. The vetting process even involves accepting the user review through an interview first. If the interview is successful, the review will be posted with the reviewer’s approval.

With its vetted and checked crowdsourced user reviews, IT Central Station has become a top review platform for those who want independent information as well as other relevant data. Prominent users of this site include enterprise technology decision makers who offer user reviews in real-time.

Aside from its user reviews, the site provides expert advice and recommendations for technology buyers. The information offered is always relevant, objective, and current.

In addition, the site protects your company by prohibiting users to post anonymously and encouraging the practice of using real identities to promote their expertise. IT Central Station allows knowledgeable experts, such as independent consultants and real users, to share their expertise in a vibrant online community of decision makers.


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