Toast POS Review: Pricing & Features of the Leading Restaurant Management Software


Toast POS offers a host of restaurant-friendly features as well as menu management tools such as setting menu for specific times like happy hour menu. Plus, you can customize menus separately for online and offline audiences and set up the whole menu including groups and sub-groups. The restaurant ordering functionality enables waiters to take orders on the fly, sends alerts to the waiter when the order is ready, and helps you to split menu items and bills among diners.

The ‘pay at the table’ feature simplifies payments for both restaurant owners and diners. Receipts can be printed or emailed and diners can tip waiters directly from the tablets. In addition, diners get loyalty points for payments and they can redeem these points when they make subsequent visits. In many Toast POS reviews you’ll find out that it’s cited for allowing you to generate in-depth reports on product mix across all menus and also tracks menu sales in real time. Prominent users of this solution include Lakewood Brewing Company, Paris Creperie, Beach Hut Deli, and Fresh City.

In our Toast POS review we detail the benefits, pricing and more about this software.

Benefits of Toast POS

Use Customer-facing Screens

You can utilize this feature to gather more data while enabling diners to conclude transactions, join loyalty programs, and give feedback. Diners need not join plastic card-based programs as they automatically get included in the digital checkout flow which improves sign-up numbers.

Versatile Android App

Toast POS supports Android devices and this allows it to promptly release updates, ensure quality, and integrate with third-party solutions. Plus, the app provides the affordability, reliability, and flexibility needed by restaurants. It also empowers you to utilize detailed analytics to develop robust customer databases.

Get Real-Time Updates

POS users face a common issue in not getting real-time updates. Toast’s regular updates and customization tools eliminate this problem and provide an intuitive experience to users. Updates are sent to a range of platforms and restaurant owners can use any internet-enabled device to view inventory, labor, and daily sales data.

Provide a Delightful Guest Experience

Toast links sold items to diners which helps restaurant owners to get more info about their clients and use it to provide them a richer experience. Plus, they can use tablets to make the dining experience more personal. Waiters also get more time to take orders which enables them to connect more closely with diners.

Offer Fast Service

Toast POS allows you to use mobile devices to make the ordering and serving processes fast and seamless. Managers are empowered to provide quick service and focus on providing amazing customer experiences.

You can browse other Toast POS reviews to learn more about this software’s key features and tools.

Overview of Toast POS Features

  • Sales metrics
  • Restaurant software updates
  • Real-time monitoring via remote access
  • Product mix reports to learn about your most popular items
  • Personalized webpage
  • Loyalty programs
  • Kiosk for digital ordering at restaurants
  • Employee performance tracking through sales exception reports
  • Digital gift cards
  • Different customization options according to restaurant type
  • Customizable loyalty rewards
  • Customer management
  • Access to loyalty points

Pricing of Toast POS

Toast POS offers flexible and customized pricing models, and you can get a customized quote for your requirements. Here are the cost details:

Software Pricing

  • Starts at $79/ terminal
  • Core POS software
  • Add-on features include inventory management, kiosk, loyalty, and online ordering

Hardware Pricing

  • Starts at $899 and includes one 10” terminal, flip stand, and magnetic card reader
  • 0% interest, 36-month financing offered

Processing Pricing

  • Flat fee and rates custom-built for your restaurant’s needs
  • No hidden fees
  • Competitive and transparent rates

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