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Tipalti is an accounts payable software that offers small, medium, and large businesses as well as freelancers with an integration solution for mass payment and accounts payable. The software streamlines financial operations through complete automation of the entire account payable process. It offers tools for supplier onboarding, global remittance, early payments, tax and regulatory compliance, and reconciliation and reporting.

 Tipalti helps cut the manual workload by 80%, sorting and automating all your accounts payable processes so you can steer your business towards revenue growth and cash flow management. With Tipalti, you can also eliminate payment error rates by up to 66% and secure 100% data capture.

Of course, financial risk management is also at the core of Tipalti’s key offerings. With its FATCA and W-9/W-8 tax compliance, audit trails, role-based based, and more, you are granted tools to mitigate risk and fraud and comply with requirements. With these tools, you can effortlessly scale your business.

Other than a unified, cloud-based solution and a whopping 190-country base for payments with stakeholders, Tipalti is the trusted and favored accounting system by many CEOs, COOs, and superiors. It serves more than 250,000 payees and processes more than $1 billion yearly. It is highly-sought by Network Economy companies all around the world, especially those that deal with crowdfunding, online marketplace, digital goods and services, among others.

Benefits of Tipalti

Tipalti reviews reveal that this solution is a veteran in the accounting industry and global supplier payment automation. With its many years of expertise and experience, it has helped companies across all industry verticals to leverage technologies to stabilize, centralize, and streamline their financial operations. It is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that serves as a well-rounded tool for accounts payable and supplier payments. It takes the bold promise of cutting down direct payment expenses by 25%.

 Payment automation and reconciliation

With Tipalti, businesses can automate more than 50% of all manual, global, mass pay-out operational processes. It is a global performer in the areas of cloud-supported payment reconciliation, accounts payable, financial reporting, and data integration.

Moreover, payments can be easily facilitated and processes. Users can pay in more than 190 countries as well as choose among 120 currencies and 6 payment methods (Paypal, Wire, Prepaid Debit Card, US ACH, Global ACH, and local bank transfer.

It also offers advanced payment configuration capabilities. It offers solutions for payment threshold setting, signatory rights, currency selection, advanced payment reconciliation, options for splitting payer/payee fee, edit rights, audit trails, among others.

Minimized errors

The software grants you a supplier management portal so your suppliers can enter new data and manage their own taxation data. The Remittance Validation Engine then verifies and consolidates this data against 26,000 national and international standards for compliance requirements. This not only minimizes the burden on your team to manually retrieve supplier information and empower suppliers, it also reduces and negates human errors.

Facilitated compliance adherence

Tipalti is KPMG-certified and supports W-9/W-8 taxation systems. This enables businesses to withhold payment for suspicious, non-compliant payees. It also lets you access 1099 forms at the end of the year. Companies can skip the tedious administrative process and fining as Tipalti cross-checks non-compliant and suspicious payees against the US and international blacklists (OFAC), preventing further fraud or law evasion. W-9/W9 systems simplify and streamlines the process of compliance rule adherence. You get a platform for effortlessly creating forms, generating 1042-S tax reports, and enable self-billing and storage for non-US companies as per their VAT and ID information.

Payment reporting capability

The software boasts of advance payment reporting systems that let you generate payment reconciliation reports in a snap. Financial managers do not have to sift through thousands of taxation rules, payment strategies, and other considerations. The software does it for them and offers them the necessary insights to further the bottom line.

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Overview of Tipalti Features

  • 100% secure payment
  • Supplier portal
  • 1099 form generation
  • Integration capability for tax, supplier onboard, and payments
  • End-to-end Accounts Payables
  • Integration for ad network performance tracking and affiliate program management
  • Affiliate payments processing
  • Global payment processing
  • Customer and vendor payment processing
  • Payment methods for international and local transfers
  • Invoicing
  • Built-in OCR scanning
  • Coding and approval prediction
  • Automated PO matching
  • Online payment solutions for pay-out processing
  • Payment clearinghouse
  • Selection of more than 120 currencies
  • Fraud detection
  • Issue resolution
  • Regulatory compliance tracking and knowledge base
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Payment risk management
  • Paypal mass payment processing
  • Tax form selection wizard and compliance assistant
  • Supplier management
  • 1042-S tax reports

Pricing of Tipalti

Tipalti pricing is by quote only. Contact the vendor directly to get a quote tailored to your specific needs.


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