Review of Zoho Books: Pricing & Features Of A Popular Accounting Solution


Zoho Books is a smart accounting & finance system designed for small and medium businesses, and a member of Zoho’s popular productivity suite. The system is particularly known as an intuitive and user-friendly invoicing tool that helps companies complete all transactions and receive online payments from a single dashboard. At the same time, Zoho Books offers powerful reporting, time tracking, and expense management.

Beautiful design, nevertheless, is not the only competitive advantage of this system. Zoho Books can be used to maintain strict financial control of all cash flows at any moment and using any device. It displays current and overdue receivables, expenses, unbilled hours, and project balances, all organized in comprehensive graphs. Some users prefer to use it as their main project management system, due the fact that it organizes contacts, empowers multiple collaboration functions, but most of all makes it easy to assign task and to track accomplishment time. Another hint about this system you should have in mind is its reporting capacity, as Zoho Books can be used for custom reporting, drafting Cash Flow Statements, balance and P&L sheets. As experts agree, the system is comprehensive enough to manage the entire budget of the company, and help it deliver professional service to its clients.

In our Zoho Books reviews we detail the benefits, pricing and more about this software.

Benefits of Zoho Books


The one thing that we cite about this software in our Zoho Books reviews is that it is the perfect product for small/midmarket businesses looking to manage back office operations, and pull through different types of financial operations from a single dashboard. This means that Zoho Books enables teams to keep an eye on their most important bills and invoices, while clients can pay regardless of their location, as soon as they have received a request or an overdue reminder. In fact, Zoho Books is one of the rare receivables systems which can auto-charge clients using an established payment schedule.

The genuine power of Zoho’s financial management consists in the possibility to tweak operations in a way reminiscent of the company’s project structure, and to designate projects and tasks from virtually every device. This helps team accomplish tasks on time, as clients can easily be billed at any time.

Another important reason to consider Zoho Books is the company that has developed it, namely a powerful corporate service working with more than 13 million users from all continents. Zoho’s productivity suite helps businesses from all scales and industries make the most of their financial potential, attract clients, and consequently boost sales to arrive to the desired numbers. Zoho Books, in particular, is the tool they use to cope with accounting challenges, both when using it as a part of this suite or a standalone financial service.

What users agree to be the best part of this system is automation of bank feeds, which is how most of them avoid exhausting manual entries and incorrect transaction data imported from bank accounts and credit cards. In Zoho Books, all banking rules that matter have already been considered, and all transactions are easily categorized for faster delivery.

The same can be said for online payment reminders, as the system offers premade messages the manager can easily personalized. Thanks to those, clients never fail to pay due amounts of time, in the frequency the company desires.

Remote and decentralized teams can also count on Zoho’s collaboration assets, where clients are easily invited to access their estimates and invoices, and have a special client portal to complete their payments. The manager, however, remains in control of the estimates, commenting, accepting, or declining the details. For businesses working with prepayment and retainer collections, Zoho Books makes it possible to record offline and online payments, associate estimates to projects or invoices, and report on them. You should also have in mind that Zoho Books is integrated with Stripe and PayPal, and therefore reconciles all transactions, and gives you the full picture of how money is moving in and out of the company. The number of accounts doesn’t matter – Zoho Books is flexible enough to let you work with all of them.

When it comes to integrations, you might be interested to know that Zoho Books offers more than native connections. This system provides developers an advanced set of RESTful API that can be used to design apps and to test them.

At the same time, Zoho Books is a powerful time tracking and project management tool that makes it easy to aggregate complex project data, and stay in control of inventory and task expenses. It collects your contacts from external databases (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive) and categorizes them according to your needs.

All this being said, one could easily conclude that Zoho Books eliminates all barriers between accounting and sales departments, and makes it easy to modify and determine prices and manage stocks. Thanks to its seamless connection to Zoho CRM, this product can be used to create sales and purchase orders, follow customers’ actions and status, and close deals successfully. Satisfied users report timely updates and easy regulation of everything that is happening in the system, in particular because of the numerous automated workflows and webhook reminders that keep the team focused on the same thing. Thanks to this comprehensive method of gathering and organizing information, Zoho Books is absolutely ready to be used for all reporting purposes.

Finally, Zoho Books is a fully mobile optimized system that can be used on all devices, and offers technical support in 10 languages, including German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and others. You may want to read other product reviews as well for more information about Zoho Books pricing and features.

Overview of Zoho Books Features

  • Accounting
  • Invoices
  • Invoice Templates
  • Online Payments
  • Expense Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Management
  • Automated Bank Feeds
  • Project Time Tracking
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Tax
  • Versatile Reporting
  • Collaborative Client Portal
  • Mobile Apps

Pricing of Zoho Books

Zoho Books has a pretty flexible pricing scheme, with three different payment plans for different companies, all priced per month or per year. A free trial where you can test its features is also available.

The lowest plan is the Basic ($9/user/month), packed will all essential accounting features, and intended for a single accountant, 5 workflows, and 25 contacts.

Moving up the scale, there is the Standard Plan ($19/organization/month), this time with bills, recurrent transactions and vendor bills, intended for 2 users and 500 contacts.

Finally, the Professional Plan costs $29/organization/month, and can be used by an unlimited number of users to manage unlimited contacts. Alongside the functionality provided by the Basic and the Standard plan, this one will also offer inventory management, sales and purchase orders, and premium support.


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