Review of Trello: Features & Pricing Of The Top 2016 Collaboration Software


Trello is among the best collaboration apps to be found on the market nowadays, keeping up with our current category leader Wrike, which is why we recommend users to check free trial for both apps, and to compare it with Trello. As you will be able to see for yourself, these two applications have very similar features, and it is very likely that some of them will become your business’s next collaboration asset.

The system is based on a specific board concept – there is a separate board for each project, within which tasks are displayed as cards. On each card there is a tracking list for categorization and prioritization, and it is exactly that list that will help you follow the progress and accomplishment of your tasks.

Still, more than a project management system, Trello is a collaboration platform which enables users to discuss and alter projects in real time. Everyone in the team can follow can follow the updates and the assignments, and will receive notifications on each activity straight on their emails. The admin can add new members to the board with only one click, and allow them to vote over new project ideas and to take action.

In our Trello reviews we detail the benefits, pricing and more about this software.


Benefits of Trello

One of the benefits we consistently note in our Trello reviews is that the board & cards system is very user-friendly, as it displays all necessary information nuggets to keep employees on the same page. The system is also mobile-friendly, meaning that information can be accessed from any browser or device.  

Between other things, Trello is an organizational system, and it therefore features lists of tasks and assignments that can be edited in line, using a simplified drag-and-drop feature. The lists are supposed to keep assignments in order, but they can also be used to track progress and assign project categories. The lists are fully customizable.

There is an instant notification concept in place, meaning that all involved parties will be instantly notified upon project modifications. There is even an alert informing users that a new member joined the board.

Trello enables entire teams to participate in relevant discussions, add notes and diatribes, share files, and comment on their assignments. Files can be uploaded from the local device, or simply imported from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. To make matters even better, you can cheer up the conversation with a variety of emojis.

One of the best features is definitely the Calendar Power-Up one, which is where all important events and tasks are neatly displayed and prioritized by dates. You can even skip using this calendar, and trigger the iCal feed from the calendar app you’re already using.

Looking for information in Trello is a piece of cake, as there are a number of searching filters and labels to help you find the file you need. In such cases, Trello acts as a powerful and elegant operator that categorized your cards in advance, and knows exactly what you’re looking for.

Communicating and sharing data in Trello is 100% secure, as the boards are private and controlled only by authorized participants. Data is being transferred via secured SSL/HTTPS connections, and encrypted with the same technique used by banks and government institutions. You can be sure that all information inserted in the system is backed up and protected from system failures.

Finally, Trello works with public developer APIs, which makes it possible to integrate it with literally every app, plugin, or extension. Feel free to read this Trello review as well if you want to learn more about the software.

Overview of Trello Features

  • Basic Free Service
  • Detailed & Quick Overviews of Front/Back Cards
  • Easy, Drag-and-Drop Editing
  • In-Line Editing
  • Easy Organization with Labeling, Tags, and Comments
  • Progress Meter Checklist
  • Card Records Archive
  • Easy Upload (Local Devices, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box)
  • File Attachment
  • Data Filters
  • Deadline Alerts and Notifications
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Activity Logs
  • Individual/Group Task Assignment
  • Voting Options
  • Information Backup
  • Information Retrieval
  • SSL Data Encryption
  • Mobile-Friendly Views
  • Developer API
  • Customer Support

Pricing of Trello

Trello’s price varies depending on the features you want to see included. If you’re running a small team with modest demands, you can even benefit from the product’s Free Basic Suite. The paid packages are as follows:

Trello Gold – $5/month or $45/year

  • 250MB attachments
  • Personal Stickers Uploading
  • Emoji
  • Backgrounds/Board Backgrounds
  • Free for users who manage to recruit another one

Trello Business Class – $5/month or $45/year

  • This package is specifically designed for organizations.

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