Review of Sisense: Features & Pricing of Top 2016 Business Intelligence Software


Sisense is a business intelligence (BI) software that enables you to easily prepare and analyze both big and disparate datasets. It lets you analyze complex data with full agility. The application offers beautiful dashboards and interactive analytics to help your business easily manage, analyze and visualize all your data. The software’s Single-Stack architecture assists you to manage the entire process from data integration to visualization with this single BI solution, eliminating the need for additional tools.

Sisense offers an innovative In-Chip engine which enables you to ask any question and get quick answers without going back to the drawing board for each new query. You can use the software’s easy API access and extensive SDK to enhance your own applications with customer-facing dashboards and powerful analytics. It also won many awards for business intelligence soltions. You can find more details on these in Sisense reviews here.  Like with other similar Sisense reviews, our aim here is to help you gauge the product before you subscribe.


Benefits of Sisense

  • You can collect information from all your sources and unify them into a single, accessible repository.
  • If there’s one recurring benefit you’ll notice in many Sisense reviews, it is that it offers robust visual reports to help you generate smart analysis without going through the extra work of preparation.
  • You can easily share your insights with your team and clients.
  • The software’s easy-to-use interface allows even lay people to easily adapt to and use the system.
  • It is a very fast system as it maximizes the power of 64-bit computer, parallelization capabilities, and multi-core CPUs.
  • To sum up, Sisense is an end-to-end BI software that offers the requisite tools to prepare, analyze, and visualize complex data.

Overview of Sisense Features

  • Wide range of widgets such as gauges, charts, and graphs
  • Use Single-Sign-On to keep a single authentication mechanism
  • Removes limitations to data size
  • Intuitive ‘script-less’ user interface
  • Interactive browser-based dashboards
  • Integrates with web portals
  • Integrates with external websites or web applications
  • Integrated data connectors joining multiple data sources and formats
  • Identifies critical metrics using filtering and calculations
  • Handles data at scale on a single commodity server
  • Filters data by dropping fields on the canvas
  • Eye-grabbing visualization
  • Exports data to CSV, PDF, Excel, Images and other formats
  • Enables to deliver interactive terabyte-scale analytics
  • Embed entire dashboards or individual widgets
  • Drag-and-drop user interface
  • Data unification
  • Data mash-ups
  • Consolidates, stores, and accumulates data
  • Complex business queries without programming or SQL writing
  • Centralized data hub
  • Can be set up and used entirely in-house
  • Ad-hoc analysis of high-volume data

Problems Solved by Sisense

1. Manages Complex and Disparate Data

Sisense allows you to instantly analyze and visualize both big and disparate datasets.  Its In-Chip technology allows the app to effectively use CPU cache memory as well as prepare data only when a new query is made. This enables Sisense to easily scale to terabytes of data from thousands of users. The software quickly returns results for concurrent, ad-hoc queries, even when working with billions of rows of quickly changing data.

2. Removes the Restrictions of Traditional BI

In the past, analyzing complex data needed multiple tools and a unit of experts who prepared the data for analysis and created reports. Sisense eliminates the need to use multiple tools as it allows users to create complex data models in a visual environment. This gives end users the opportunity to explore, filter and drill down into this data in any granularity independently, and get quick replies to ad-hoc questions.

3. Makes the Task of the IT Guys Easier

Sisense shows that you don’t to invest extensively in IT resources to handle complex data. The software removes workload from the IT guys. Its In-Chip engine optimally uses computational resources and eliminates the need to maintain huge hardware and software stacks. Sisense makes data easily available to administrators and analysts, allowing IT professionals to focus on their main tasks.

Pricing of Sisense

Sisense offers a flexible pricing plan that is scalable and caters to the needs and budgets of companies of all sizes. You can request for specific rates from the vendor. The company will give you a proper quote depending on the scale of your operations and the size of your company. If you wish to get more details about the Sisense pricing, you can request a quote on their site. 

Sisense also offers an excellent free trial plan that helps you to test drive the software’s features and gauge how it can benefit your company.


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