Review of PipelineDeals: Features & Pricing of the Top CRM Solution of 2015


pipelogoBranded as one of the most popular CRM solutions in the market, PipelineDeals is quite simple to use and very effective when implemented to great effect. The platform offers users with a powerful CRM option that allows them to perform even the most complicated of CRM operation. Boasting a very intuitive and user-friendly interface and structure, PipelineDeals is a perfect software for businesses and organizations that want to build and maintain strong and long-lasting customer relationships while still keeping total control of their business operations, from gathering and analyzing customer informations, monitoring teams, assigning tasks, tracking sales, and implementing campaigns. The app was also distinguished with a Best CRM Software Award for 2015 by FinancesOnline. You can read more about that in a PipelineDeals review here. As with other PipelineDeals reviews, the aim of this guide is to help you check if the product fits your requirements.

Benefits of PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals presents users with a CRM the following advantages:

  • Build and foster strong relationships with customers and potential clients
  • View all activities of your team in just a glance.
  • Organize and dedicate resource effectively and delegate tasks to qualified individuals
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Import and give all your leads to the qualified personnel quickly and effectively.
  • One of the benefits we consistently note in many PipelineDeals reviews is that it lets you examine all data and thoroughly find options and opportunities with just a few clicks.
  • Customize reports using data that you specify
  • Turn your inbox into a pipeline update

With PipelineDeals, you get sales productivity solution that completely fuses sales management and CRM into one compact platform. With its integrated structure, PipelineDeals allow salespeople to perform more and do more with their leads.

PipelineDeals provides users with access to loads of information they need to close a deal, such as history, customer information, documents, activities and relevant events. Users can easily tailor the report and information configurations, thanks to the app’s 225 custom data fields. Trackable emails also allows PipelineDeals users to check which recipients have opened their messages, clicked on a link, or downloaded an attachment, which is quite useful when they need to follow up.

A sample look at PipelineDeals interface

A sample look at PipelineDeals interface

Sales Acceleration

You can turn your inbox into an essential CRM asset – monitor emails and email opens, clicks, and downloads. It’s also possible to gather relevant insights to determine when to follow up and speed up your sales cycle.

You can know what decisions to make and when to implement them – As your sales process becomes clearer, your people can speed it all up by automating essential operations. Get more tasks added when deals advanced through the sales pipeline.

Email & App Integrations

Two-Way Integration with Google For Work & Outlook – PipelineDeals allows you to sync your calendar, contacts, and emails. This allows for flexible contact management, whether in your PipelineDeals account or in your email client, as well as update everything wherever you search.

Flexible App Integrations – You can link PipelineDeals to your heavily used apps using its integrations marketplace, or create  custom integrations using its API. PipelineDeals provides  integrations with MailChimp, Google For Work, Outlook, Excel, Google Sheets, Zapier and more.

Deal Management & Lead Management

Enjoy enhanced transparency with your deals –  PipelineDeals’ deal management gets rid of redundancy, confusion, and delays by systematizing your team’s collective knowledge and building a framework for collaborative sales.

Efficiently manage your leads – PipelineDeals helps you effectively cultivate your contacts and determine high quality leads faster with PipelineDeals. Activity tracking and email notifications provide you the complete image on your calls, email, meetings and more. Identify what the next best decision and action is with your leads.

Sales Goals

Set and Track Sales Goals – PipelineDeals provides a simple process in the app for building and tracking sales goals. Set your team around attaining critical benchmarks for your business.

Develop Custom Dashboards and Update in Realtime – Many enterprises require to be flexible to easily export data and create custom dashboards. PipelineDeals meshes well with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets so that you can build custom dashboards and update on-demand from the cloud.

Overview of PipelineDeals Features

  • Account customization
  • Integrations
  • Sales pipeline visibility
  • Sales acceleration
  • Sales team coordination
  • Sales goals
  • Deal management
  • Contact & lead management
  • Activity tracking
  • Custom list views
  • Mobile access
  • Data importing

What Problems Will PipelineDeals Solve?

Leads slipping through the cracks: Using PipelineDeals allows users to set reminders, agenda items easily. Users can also automate trackable emails to go out based on specific parameters. For instance, you can implement a string of tasks when a new lead streams into your pipeline. Day 1 – send this trackable email. Day 2 – set reminders to call the prospect if they have not read the email. Day 3 – send follow-up trackable email if opened, or email 4 if not, and so on. It really streamlines the lead qualification process and makes it much easier to close business.

“Being late to the party”: Built-in email tracking allows users to monitor lead movement and make the necessary moves before the competition comes swooping in. You get an email notification the once the recipient opens your email, or downloads an attachment. What better time to pick up the phone and call them than when they are already thinking about you?

Having to dig through your email inbox to get up to speed before a prospecting call: With PipelineDeals, all relevant user information is easily accessible in one simple interface. Do quick search for a lead by name, company, email, custom tag, lead stage, entry date, and you get all critical and useful data. Attach significant documents, view a email history, send a trackable email, or even “@” a co-worker to inform them of relevant finds and discoveries or ask questions regarding that profile. Organization is key to being more productive, and PipelineDeals does just that

Sales Development Rep Qualifies More Leads Faster: Chris is a sales development rep who manages a large list of leads. He needs to qualify and connect with top prospects to share them with his account executives. Chris easily imports leads into PipelineDeals and sends trackable email to targeted groups of leads. Chris gets notified when a lead opens his email or downloads content that he shared, helping him to prioritize and connect with leads. He reassigns and notifies account execs about qualified leads with one click.

Keep the Team on the Same Page: Jamie is a sales manager for a distributed group of inside sales executives. He manages weekly meetings with his team to spot issues in their sales pipeline and to recognize good performance. Jamie builds a custom view of the team’ sales pipeline and gets the team in the loop so that all his team members are looking and concentrated around the same data. His team updates him when they have deal blockers, and can delegate tasks to him or other members of the team to keep the deals running. His sales meetings are more efficient and productive because everyone has access to the same information and work around and through it.

Stay on top of recurring business: Christy manages an account-based finance practice that is constructed on fostering and cultivating recurring contracts. She has monthly and annual contracts for various products and services that she offers. PipelineDeals automates the creation of new deals when an old contract ends. Christy builds  to-do lists for her contracts with one click to help her stay organized and in touch with her customers. She is aware that they view the content she shares and schedules next steps with clients based on their specific business requirements.

Pricing of PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals has two packages with reasonable pricing and simple structuring. Go for the monthly scheme or apply for a yearly subscription to avail of discounts. You can also check PipelineDeals for 14 days with no added cost to you. More PipelineDeals pricing info can be found here.

Standard Plan – $24/user/month

  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • Dynamic Custom Fields
  • Bank-quality Security
  • Free iPhone and Android apps
  • Company Management
  • Integrations
  • Google & Outlook Integrations
  • Unlimited Leads, Contacts, Deals & Tasks
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Activity & Sales Reporting
  • Saved Searches
  • Open API for Developers

Accelerator Plan – $48/user/month

  • All Basic features
  • Email Templates & Analytics
  • Email Automation & Acceleration
  • Trackable Email Campaigns
  • 225 Customizable Fields

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