Review of Looker: A Detailed Look At Key Features and Pricing


Looker is an intuitive, self-service data explorations system hosted in cloud. Its extendable functionality makes it suitable for small, medium, and large teams, so that they would discover all critical data and pull off different reports within seconds. The system is further equipped with powerful sharing & collaboration features, and protects and stores data in an operable knowledge base teams can use to make smarter business decisions.

Rather than importing charts from Excel-made spreadsheets, Looker allows users to create their own interesting graphs and visualizations. With modest SQL coding knowledge, you can build all collaboration and heavy-lifting exploration model you want, but preserve at the same time the regular analytic tools and important data distinctions.

At the same time, Looker is proficient in web-based data, and supports over 20 variations including Spark, Hive, Vertica, and BigQuery. This makes it possible to use it in large and complex installations, and process as many terabytes of data per month as you need. The system offers a single, full-responsive version for all devices, as well as powerful APIs that help you connect it with a variety of third-party systems and applications.

In our Looker reviews you’ll learn more about the software’s benefits, pricing, technical specs and more.


Benefits of Looker

Among the many advantages we cite in our Looker reviews is that it helps companies improve their business decisions, as it provides real-time, accurate data insights. The size and amount of data doesn’t really matter – Looker’s 100% browser-based platform integrates easily with all data warehouses and SQL bases, including Amazon Redshift and Greenplum.

Besides, it doesn’t take to be a SQL expert or a professional data analyst to work with Looker. Coding is simplified, and even the least savvy users can drill across tables and charts, or create dashboards. Among other features, Looker offers self-services such as pivoting, custom visualizations, and advanced filtering.

Looker is also a great collaboration system, accessible on all devices and browsers. Users can easily exchange data, and share reports and URL on their emails, on use some of the system’s seamless integrations with third-party systems to import and export information. Currently, Looker functions impeccably with Google Docs and Microsoft Excel, while the user can use its open API to associate it with any other app. Plus, Looker’s powerful reviews can be exported manually either as text or .csv files.

Looker has its own flexible and understandable language known as LookML with specific syntax, using which analysts can explore data in the preferred way, or extend the system’s SQL efficiency by developing different data organization models. The reason why Looker’s developers opted for a homegrown language approach is to enable time-efficient query execution, and to optimize performance in the meanwhile.

Another reason to consider this system is its quote-based pricing. Companies from all scales and industries are welcomed to contact the vendor, and ask for a package tailored to their needs and financial capacity. For more information about Looker pricing and features check other detailed reviews of the software.

Overview of Looker Features

  • In-database architecture
  • Live connections to all SQL databases and infrastructures
  • Real-time data exploration
  • Collaboration suite
  • Fully-customizable and exportable reports
  • Charts & graphs
  • Easy creation of dashboards
  • Browser-based interface
  • Extensible modeling language
  • Customization
  • Open API

Pricing of Looker

As we already mentioned, Looker is a quote-priced system, where each client receives a package tailored to his needs and financial capacity. Contact the vendor for more details, and ask for your quote.


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