Review of eXo Platform: Pricing and Features of a Top Collaboration Software


ex1Social-collaboration platforms like eXo Platform create a social intranet that improves customer engagement and team collaboration. In this article, we look at the benefits, features, problems solved, and pricing of this leading collaboration software. eXo Platform is ideal for large enterprises with good internal IT support, and it can also work for small businesses that take the time to experiment with open source platforms. eXo Platform offers a proactive social intranet with strong collaboration tools. has recognized its efficiency with a host of awards including the Exceptional Customer Support Award for 2015, Great User Experience Award, Best Add-ons & Integration Award, and Budget Friendly Certificate. In our eXo reviews we detail the benefits, pricing and more about this software.

Benefits of eXo Platform

  • Collaboration features like forums, FAQs, documents, calendars, and wikis with easy retrieval and access rules
  • Enterprise social network that makes use of activity streams, profiles, and spaces for better collaboration and organized external and internal engagement
  • One of the benefits we consistently note in our eXo reviews is its robust document management system with comments, votes, rollback, version history etc.
  • Web CMS features to create complex websites, multisite support, and use of SEO and publishing tools
  • Strong mobile integration
  • Enhanced security with standard authentication and authorization mechanism
  • Standards-based portal framework that enables role-based delivery of apps and content
  • Highly customizable open source platform with strong integration that includes generating multilingual versions and extending business process management functions
  • For a more comprehensive list of benefits check out the eXo Platform review here

Strong document management

eXo offers sophisticated document management with central storage that enables teams to access shared documents easily. The files can be categorized based on your sorting rules and indexed using keywords for easy retrieval. The search function uses a single interface to include non-document files such as posts, tasks, and events. This means you can quickly retrieve a past post or comment that is relevant to a document. You don’t have to worry that different team members are working on different versions of documents. The Lifecycle Management feature ensures all members are working on the latest document version. You can put all vital team documents in one place and set custom access rules to ensure non-authorized user do not get access to them. You can also organize content by building an internal knowledge base with FAQs, forums, and wikis.

Excellent Great collaboration and social tools

eXo Platform helps you create a company social intranet platform for better team work and sharing. Your sales, marketing, customer support, IT, and other units can collaborate easily to achieve common goals faster. Each user can use their own customizable dashboard where they can install gadgets to track analytics, metrics, status, and feeds. Users can switch between tools such as video calls, chats, forums, and wikis using a collaborative workspace named Spaces which allows them to stay in one place during work time. This workspace acts as a conference room where employees can share thoughts and feedback. You can make Spaces private or public, open or closed, or a subgroup of a larger project, managed by your administrators. Another excellent feature is you can keep tabs on updates through workspaces, social networking, and activity streams. This is helpful, as for instance, a content writer can pick up ideas for testimonials from a support agent. ExO makes project management easy with shared calendars.

Enhanced Mobility

eXo Platform offers native iOS and Android apps that let you carry the social intranet to the field. The mobile extension is a comprehensive version of the open source platform. You can track your team’s activities via newsfeed and get real-time updates on shared files like calendars, forums, pages, and wikis, even when you’re on the go. You can also access documents and view them through the mobile device’s native viewer. You can even access additional gadgets and apps in the mobile app (they need to be installed using a computer). Our review team was impressed with the features of the eXo mobile apps and distinguished the software with the Best Mobile Support Award for 2015.


Overview of eXo Platform features

  • Built to Localize
  • Calendars
  • Cloud-Ready
  • Collaboration tools
  • Content Management and Distribution
  • Dashboards
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Integration and Extensibility
  • Mobile
  • Social Network
  • Task Management and Scheduling

What Problems Does eXo Platform Solve?

  1. Social Intranet – Companies can use eXo as a social intranet to improve internal communication, employee productivity, and customer engagement and satisfaction. You can connect with colleagues, and find experts in the directory based on their interests and skills. Create project spaces for inter-departmental initiatives. Capture expert knowledge with wikis and forums. Listen to the feedback of your employees with an open conversation model promoted by activity streams.
  1. Social Extranet – Organizations can use eXo’s social intranet to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. You can build a searchable knowledge base with the wiki, support customers with forums, and provide private spaces for your customers and partners for discreet collaboration and open spaces for communities of interest.
  1. Website: – eXo offers a simple tool for publishing websites. It includes ready-to-use templates and built-in web content management features. You can use the inline edit feature to edit content easily.

Pricing of eXo Platform

eXo Platform offers two editions: Cloud and Enterprise. For more information about the cost of this software you may want to check out the eXo Platform pricing section here.

Cloud Plan – $3/user (monthly), $30/user (annually), or $72/user (3 years)

This plan gives 1 GB storage per user. The app is hosted in the cloud by eXo, therefore there is no maintenance cost. Features include ready-to-use social intranet, user help desk, social collaboration, web content management, Level 1 support (help desk), video calls, and mobile apps

Enterprise Plan – From $2,400

  • Up to 25 users – $2,400
  • Up to 50 users – $4,200
  • Up to 75 users – $5,400
  • Up to 100 users – $6,000
  • More than 100 users – request a quote

You install the software on your servers. This plan is highly customizable and features include ready to use social intranet, technical support, and software updates.


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