Review of Domo: Features & Pricing A Popular Business Intelligence Solution


Domo can easily be listed on all top BI system charts as one of the apps that offer the widest data sets and connectors, smartly combined with a flexible suite of collaboration tools. Hosted in cloud, Domo guarantees that data will be accessible and protected at every moment, and delivers reliable service to help different businesses develop viable answers to pervasive business questions and challenges.

Many satisfied customers agree that Domo is a powerful and effective self-service system, and praise the possibility to monitor business indicators in real-time, and have those displayed on a single, customizable dashboards. The ‘wow factor’ and highlight of this system is definitely the neat interface, where even most advanced widgets and operations are simplified for non-expert users. Analysts are enabled to incorporate creative data, including mostly business-specific trend indicators, sparklines, and multi-part widgets.

Thanks to these smart insights, management focuses on genuinely actionable insights and makes the right moves and decisions, which is how Domo helps even the smallest and least experienced teams steer their actions to success.

Want to know more about this software? Our Domo reviews discuss the software’s pricing, benefits and technical specifications in detail below.


Benefits of Domo

Domo’s Business Cloud provides a variety of data connection possibilities. For the user, this means easy and unrestricted access to all data necessary to improve the quality of his decisions, where expertise and technical knowledge are not the most relevant factor.

If there’s one recurring benefit you’ll notice in many Domo reviews, it is that the app is known by its appealing and impactful visualizations that are nothing alike classic rows and columns. This time, the user gets to visualize data in the way he prefers, and keep in such way full control of his data.

The social aspect of this app is also unique, as conversations are considered to be as valuable as all other data insights. The system monitors interests and behavior, and combines them with other business data in a natural and completely unprecedented manner.

On top of that, Domo is a mobile-first system with ubiquitous cloud delivery, which means its’ visualizations are open to all users, regardless of their location or device. It offers both Android and iOS native apps that won’t only consume and display information, but also allow the user to manage it, and stay in control of his business wherever he happens to be.

As an open platform, Domo is responsive to all contributions, and its functionality can easily be expanded with third-party integrations or developed apps. The Domo Appstore is available to all users interested to create apps, or learn more concerning how this system can help them manage their businesses.

In its current form, Dom serves both small and medium companies and enterprise-grade users, allowing all team members to visualize data that is relevant to them, and have their questions answered. Advanced security provisions and controls are also available. Domo pricing and its other features are discussed in more detail in our other reviews of the software.

Overview of Domo Features

  • Dashboard Creation
  • Mobile First
  • Domo Appstore
  • Data Visualizations
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • Buzz – Communication & Messaging Platform
  • Flexible Data Connections
  • Flexible Integrations
  • Project Management
  • Social Sharing

Pricing of Domo

Domo is a quote-priced system, where packages are charged depending on the user’s needs and preferences. We encourage you to contact the vendor for details, and to ask for you quote.


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