Review of Clarizen: Features and Pricing of the Top 2016 Project Management Software


Clarizen is an enterprise-grade software that combines project management with social engagement in a unique and easy manner. It offers all the essential features needed to boost productivity and performance, which is why more than 2,300 companies including Fortune 500 behemoths use this cloud-based system.

Clarizen combines project management with social collaboration features. It is fast to deploy and easy to use, which is the reason for its popularity. Our experts have evaluated this software and given it a high SmartScore of 9.4 based on its main features such as collaboration tools, ease of use, integration, customization, customer support etc. The system has been well received by users as shown by its perfect customer satisfaction rating of 100% which has been calculated after analyzing customer feedback and opinions on popular social media networks. You can also find more details about the software in Clarizen reviews here. As with other Clarizen reviews, the aim of this guide is to help you check if the product fits your requirements.


Benefits of Clarizen

  • The software’s engaging social interface is easy to configure and personalize which makes employees more effective and efficient.
  • It provides the transparency required to boost productivity and business profitability.
  • Project managers can use the tool to ensure all tasks are completed on time and on budget.
  • Among the many advantages we cite in our Clarizen reviews is that the software uses the power of cloud to enable users to finish their work efficiently and get better results.
  • Its collaboration features link social context with projects and tasks for increased productivity.
  • The software offers a single central hub for all your work and activities, your collaboration with team members, your reports and documents, and your unique workflows.
  • It offers a unique combination of purposeful collaboration, flexible workflow automation, and cross-organizational project management.
  • Clarizen unites teams, minimizes needless communications, and offers extensive visibility into processes to enable all team members to work more efficiently and deliver results.

Overview of Clarizen Features

  • Billable & Non Billable Work Items
  • Budget Tracking
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Custom Fields
  • Data Import/Export to MS Projects
  • Document Management
  • Document Sharing
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Expenses
  • File Sharing
  • Financial Indicators
  • Issue Tracking
  • Knowledge Management
  • Methodology
  • Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Personal Calendars
  • Professional Services Management
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Project Percentage Completion Reporting
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Scheduling, Gantt Chart
  • Real Time Team Updates
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Role & Assignment Per Project
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Template customization
  • Templates
  • Time Tracking
  • Version Control
  • Workforce Management

Pricing of Clarizen

Clarizen offers a 30-day free trial and three editions:

  • Enterprise Edition – $45 per user per month
  • Unlimited Edition – $60 per user per month
  • Special Clarizen Salesforce Edition – $100 per user/month

You can get discounts if you are willing to pay 36-month subscription in advance.

All editions include the following basic features:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Mobile apps
  • Social collaboration

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