Review of Birst: Pricing & Features Of A Popular Business Intelligence Tool


Birst is a smart and reliable BI system hosted in cloud, and designed to cover both querying and end-user data visualizations, and production orientated intelligence. Among business analysts, this is known as the unique two-tier BI approach that ensures successful data management, and which makes Birst usable both for IT technicians and business and marketing executives.

But how does Birst exactly help your business? Its main role is to handle raw data and convert it into warehouse material, using its specific Extract, Transform, and Load processes (ETL). Once processed in such way, data is ready for deep analysis and reporting, and the user is able to obtain answers even to his most complicated questions and queries. The size of your business doesn’t matter – Birst serves both small companies and enterprises.

Birst’s functionality is further enhanced by helpful and powerful integrations, including Tableau, Zoopla, SnapLogic, Salesforce, and many other popular third-party systems. Pricing is quote-based, meaning that each customer receives a specific packages tailored to his needs and expectations.

In our Birst reviews we detail the benefits, pricing and more about this software.


Benefits of Birst

Birst is a rare example of a BI system that can connect all departments in a single virtualized BI instance, collating all analytic fabric in an interwoven network, and making it accessible for all users. One of the benefits we consistently note in our Birst reviews is that large enterprises with heavier raw data loads benefit from fast delivery, agility, and quality self-service, and rely on Birst to secure their information in line with all corporate policies. More than anything else, Birst delivers the configuration and control low TCO companies need in order to improve their decision-making practices.

Birst also offers an impressive list of features, including predictive applications, intelligent data analytics, native and offline mobile support, drag-and-drop projections, and advanced data refinement and management. The Birst environment is well-integrated, making it possible for all users to interpret data in the same way, embedded into single-versioned charts and dashboards. Satisfied users agree that Birst is capable of making business processes more transparent, and therefore rank it in line with some of the best and most expensive BI providers.

Birst is not only more affordable than similar systems, but also extremely user friendly and simple to use. Even non-savvy agents manage to explore and discover trends, create apps, and monitor processes that are relevant to them. Within this system, they are free to customize their charts, dashboards, and reports, or manipulate the dataset to achieve business-specific results. Another thing they can do with minimal effort is to extract data from various virtual and on-premise databases, analytic applications, or structured files. As our experts agreed, full leverage connectivity is the strongest hint about this system.

But Birst won’t stop there – it will provide software providers a robust set of embedding functions to ensure data will flow seamlessly from one app to the other. Consequently, the company will be able to generate new revenue streams, serve customers in a better way, and make their enterprise production stand out even in the most competitive environment. For more information on Birst pricing and its specific capabilities please consult other reviews of the app.

Overview of Birst Features

  • Multi-Tenant Cloud Architecture
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • User Data Tier
  • Adaptive User Experience
  • Automated Data Refinement
  • Create, Schedule, Alert, and Deliver Highly-Formatted Reports
  • Predictive Analytic Engine
  • Responsive and Well-Integrated HTML5 Dashboards
  • Visual Discovery Interfaces
  • Infinite Connectivity Network
  • Mobile Optimization

Pricing of Birst

Birst is a quote-priced application, where each client receives an individual package tailored to his needs and requirements. We encourage you to contact the company for more details, and to ask for your quote.


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