Review of Asana: Features & Pricing Of The Top 2016 Project Management Software


Asana is among the best project management apps to be found on the market nowadays, closely following our frontrunner Wrike whose current score is 9.7/10. At the same time, Wrike is the winner of our Best Project Management Software award whose features you can test for free. Reading about it, you will also get a clear idea of the difference between Asana and Wrike, and decide afterwards which product suits you better.  

Asana covers both project & task management, and eases a number of essential communication and collaboration processes. Thanks to it, you can plan projects fast and accurately, and track the separate tasks for each of them. Once ready, they can be shared among the team, and discussed for some brainstorming.  

The best thing about Asana is that it completely eliminates the need to communicate via email – the very same platform where you’ve established your workflows can be used to organize them, share and receive notes, combine and assign tasks, and add followers. As soon as a task related activity arrives in your Asana inbox, the system notifies you to take action.


Benefits of Asana

Asana’s Focus Mode helps users concentrate on the most important tasks, and eliminate ones that don’t help the company’s strategy. At the same time, you are enabled to follow the progress of each task, categorized by name, goal, and deadline. Later on, tasks can be segmented to subtask level, and their time span can be tracked using the Harvest integration. Note that Asana also enables file upload (it is integrated with Google, Dropbox, and Box) and sharing, and that the format of your files doesn’t make a difference.

The Activity Feed displays complete project histories segmented to task-level. Within the Feed, you can easily tag every user or group supposed to participate in that project, and assign tasks as urgent or favorite. The admin is the one allowed to set and manage permissions for each project, and decide who is permitted to follow them. The admin will also be the first to receive change notifications.

Alongside dashboards, Asana offers conversations, automates efficient team updates, and follows progress without necessarily checking the status of each task or participant. The Asana inbox is probably the smartest addition, as it eliminates the need to communicate via email, where important information can easily get lost in the heap of unwanted messages. It can also be used for tracking job applications, hot leads, and persistent bugs.

In terms of views, Asana is once again a reasonable choice – the prioritization list will automate notifications, and give you access to a powerful search filter that locates files in less than no time. At the same time, these views are customizable, and you get to choose the pending tasks that need to be completed first. All of your assignments will be displayed neatly on the Asana calendar.

The system is also perfect in terms of communication, providing that internal chat network many companies use to clarify teamwork. In this case, you’ll have access to individual and group discussions, all saved in a single inbox from where they can be used as operable material.

Finally, Asana is a secure system where your data will certainly remain uncompromised, and that’s due to their powerful integrations, partnerships,  and standard compliance. You can read this Asana review to get more information about the software and its benefits.

Overview of Asana features

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Activity Feeds
  • Focus Mode & Individual Task Lists
  • Subtasks assignment
  • Prioritization
  • Custom Calendar
  • Group Discussions
  • Email Integration
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Automated updates
  • Project/Task Creation
  • Project Permissions
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Events & Meetings
  • Searched Views
  • Tracking
  • Adding Followers
  • Setting Priorities & Due Dates
  • HTML5 mobile site (supported by iPhone too)
  • Tags & Comments
  • Integrations
  • Customer Support

Pricing of Asana

Asana offers a free package for small teams consisting of 15 users. The package includes:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Conversations
  • Basic Dashboards

Together with the free plan, there is a premium one designed for medium and large businesses. Its price is $21/5 users/month, and it offers the following features:

  • Unlimited Professional Dashboards
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Conversations
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Private Projects
  • Centralized Administration
  • Data Import/Export
  • Customer Success Program
  • SSO & SAML

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