Periscope Data Review: Pros, Cons & Pricing of a Popular Business Intelligence Software


Periscope Data is a robust analytics platform that is both comprehensively functional and flexible. Professionals from many companies in the world use it to gather, analyze, visualize, store and report on variously sourced information to create actionable insights that can be shared with others. These are done through a singular platform. 

The creators of Periscope Data were San Francisco hackers. They were looking to make a system for organizations of different types and scales to process their data and test their models securely. Users can visualize vital business processes using Python, R, and SQL to create graphic displays that aren’t just beautiful but also interactive. This makes it easier for decision makers to digest and act on data. 

Periscope Data has recently joined with Sisense to provide more powerful and accessible features. Now, more extensive integrations are made available. Thus, users can source and analyze more data from more sources. Companies such as Crunchbase, ZipRecruiter, and Adobe enjoy the benefits of using Periscope Data for their business analytics.

Benefits of Periscope Data

Many professionals love the how the UI is intuitive in Periscope Data. This interface houses robust query management and data analytics that provide them with actionable insights during in point of their businesses and in any relevant aspect. 

Easy-to-use UI. Periscope Data’s Ad-Hoc Query feature helps you handle complex data analysis efficiently. It also allows you to create models for your data and test them for efficacy. Also, the platform allows for dedicated dashboards for different areas of business. This allows you to keep up to date of these processes in real time. Furthermore, these dashboards are fitted with various filters to help you extract relevant data from a sea of information. 

The interface has graphical representations of patterns such as trends. It also has charts and other visualizations to help you make sense of interconnected information in your organization. Moreover, you can easily convert these data into reports. The platform does it automatically. These reports can also be sent via email straight from the program. You can use this to keep internal and external stakeholders updated as well as clients. 

Powerful Analytics. Periscope data does not only allow you to make queries but also helps you collect, clean, and organize data. Its automation functions cut down man hours in these tedious processes. Thus, it provides your team more time to analyze repercussions and react to certain metrics to improve your performance. 

What’s more, is there is a ready drag-and-drop interface that you can use to create visualizations or conduct calculations. This cuts down the time that you have for writing code and just gets into the meat of the matter: analytics. 

This allows you to just cut through the noise in the data and process complexities into insights. Thus, you will only be given a single account of everything across multiple databases and file types. Consolidated data means consolidated insights and actions. 

Simplified Queries. The solution supports R, Python, and SQL. You don’t have to use different programming languages to make use of Periscope Data’s robust analytics. You can interact with it using the language that you are most comfortable with. 

In its SQL editor, you will find a query revision history. It is also fitted with autocomplete, snippet, and exploration functions. Moreover, you get a native summary statistics to help you find key relationships between information without going over everything one by one. 

Advanced analytics is also supported thanks to its R and Python support. You can use these languages to prepare and analyze information. Also, this functionality allows you to create visualizations easier. 

As you can use all three languages, you can pin down your business logic and even reuse codes. Furthermore, Periscope Data come with natural language processing, and also prototyping. Thus, queries are made seamless. You can test all your models before rolling them out for implementation. 

Powerful Reporting. With Periscope Data, you can easily create better-engaging reports. Not only that you can create them faster but also you can make them highly visual and organized. There are many charts available to communicate your data on the platform. Not only does it have presets, but you can also even tailor-make your from the start choosing whatever format relevant to your organization. 

The kinds of charts range from cohort grids to simple box plots. You can highlight relationships among variables and easily share them with colleagues and stakeholders. Other chart options include scatter plots, bubble charts, data tables, pie charts, waterfalls, radar charts, and maps among others. Furthermore, you can emphasize information with text overlays and other features. 

Collaboration. The platform includes a collaboration feature allowing users to share insights and distribute relevant information securely. This includes giving access to live dashboards to multiple parties including stakeholders and colleagues. Collaborators may even add notes. This can be the jumping board for knowledge-creating interactions that help users understand different aspects better than without it. 

Also, collaboration gives context to the data as different views form different people provide different insights. In this sense, users can customize reports based on different metrics. In this way, the whole organization can see everything from different directions. Also, these reports can be automated and schedule. Therefore, nobody will ever miss out on important updates and information. 

Moreover, there are no additional charges for member access. Periscope Data grants unlimited membership. Therefore, everybody can be in the know all the time. 

Security. Periscope Data boasts of a robust cloud architecture that allows for safe data storage. This is thanks to its regular compliance audits under industry standards such as SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA-HITECH. You can rest assured that your data is safe and nothing will leak out. Furthermore, your data will be encrypted as well. 

You can also set user-level permissions. With this, you get a data recovery feature, an incident management system, and an intrusion detection feature. You yourself are put in charge of precautionary protocols. As the platform was created by hackers, they keep in the spirit of making everything hacker-proof.

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Overview of Periscope Data Features

  • Auto Archive
  • BAA Compliance Management
  • Box Plots
  • Charting 
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Cohort Grids
  • Color Themes
  • CSV Disable Options
  • Custom Visualization
  • Dashboard Refresh Management
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Discovery and Mining
  • Data Engine 
  • Data Exploration
  • Data Lake Integrations (Presto, Qubole, Athena)
  • Data Preparation
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Embed API
  • Full TV Mode
  • Gauge Chart
  • Git Integration
  • HIPAA Compliance Management 
  • Import and Export to PDF
  • Managed Redshift Warehouse
  • Mapping Capabilities
  • Materialized Views
  • R Editor
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prototyping
  • Python Editor
  • Query Management
  • Radar Charts
  • Render API
  • Scheduled Email Alerts
  • Shared Dashboard Passwords
  • Single Sign-On 
  • Slack IntegrationAnnotation Options
  • SQL Alerts 
  • SQL Editor
  • Text Overlays
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • URL Link Sharing
  • Usage Data
  • User Management PAI
  • User Permissions
  • Version Control
  • White Labeling Options

Pricing of Periscope Data

Currently, Periscope Data is offered in two different packages: Express and Pro. Both of them are quote-based. Please contact vendor for exact pricing details.  

The Express package contains all the essential features. You can build dashboards quickly and set up data to be analyzed and visualized. Also, you can share your findings as well. 

The Pro package offers deeper insights using SQL, Python, and R. It also allows you to prototype your machine learning algorithms and helps you with predictive analysis. Furthermore, it has more advanced amin functionalities.


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