Not Satisfied With Yahoo Groups? Use One Of These 6 Alternatives


Recognized as one of the world’s largest online discussion boards, Yahoo Groups has proven to be a great avenue for people who want to look for individuals who share the same interests and passions. Yahoo Groups provides features that allow social interaction, discussion, and forging of strong relationships for people who bond over hobbies, ideals, and other stuff.

As many users and observes say, Yahoo Groups is more than just a throng of bulletin boards and discussion forums, but a digital hub that caters to people searching for a place they belong to. That said, there are other web-based group sites that are branded as great alternatives if you want to explore your options. Listed below are seven of these sites. Check them out.

#1 Google Groups


Google Groups is a service that offers features and functions similar to these provided by Yahoo Groups but it also offers some more. Users can create and join threaded conversations via web interface or email. Featuring a Gmail like feel and functionality, Google Groups also allows users to set up archives for mailing lists, even if their emails are hosted elsewhere. 

#2 Meetup


Meetup is an online portal that aims to bring together various groups, clubs, and organizations in an offline setting. It has features that enable members to seek out groups that share a common interest such as politics, hobbies, religion, and careers to name a few. To facilitate physical meeting between individuals and groups users enter their postal code or their city plus the topics they are interested in. Once the data has been put in, Meetup will  suggest venues and schedules for you to meet with others. 

#3 GroupSpaces


Many observers and users agree that GroupSpaces has a better user interface than Yahoo Groups. The site caters to organizations from various fields including sports and health, home and family, politics, real estate, and charity institutions to name a few. GroupSpaces also offers offers a secure database where groups can store their information as well as member data. It also flaunts a feature set that allows for group management and growth for all types of organizations, wherever they may be.

#4 BigTent


BigTent creates an avenue for just about anyone who wants to join a group or create an organization of their own without any payment required. Becoming a member is a breeze, thanks to BigTent’s customizable membership forms as well as well-defined screening process for administrators. BigTent also offers internal communication for members, great customer support, and shared admin access for those in charge.

#5 OnlineGroups


OnlineGroups is a simple, no fuss website that offers various groups a place to meet and discuss their ideas and share their passion with other members. The site offers a group email as well as an inbox which members can access. Additionally, they can create thread discussions to make conversations more interesting. Groups that sign up with OnlineGroups also enjoy customizable site page content, custom domain and theme, as well as collaboration features such as message sharing via web and email.

#6 GroupSite


GroupSite is another popular option for those looking to enter or create online groups, offering almost anything other group websites have. What makes GroupSite special is that it has a robust feature set ranging from social networking (email digest, discussion forums, email blast, and video sharing) to collaboration (group calendar, photo galleries, file sharing). Rich, customizable, and user friendly, GroupSite is an alternative to Yahoo Groups that’s definitely worth checking out.


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