NetSuite ERP Review: Benefits & Overview of the Popular Accounting Software


NetSuite ERP is cloud-based ERP solution that is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS). This leading product is used by over than 40,000 corporations in 160+ countries.

NetSuite offers ERP management tools for the needs of service, operations, HR, finance, and sales units. It provides real-time data visibility to help you make smarter decisions. In addition, you can improve employee productivity by implementing software automation and cross-departmental system integration.

NetSuite ERP system helps you to minimize technology support costs by allowing you to outsource application hosting. Plus, you don’t have to invest in dedicated server hardware. Another advantage is you can utilize self-service B2B portals for efficient customer and supplier collaboration, thereby bolstering business partner relationships. Last but not the least, the platform provide a suite of application configuration and development tools for business-specific needs.

In our NetSuite ERP review you can get more info on the software’s pricing, benefits, and other aspects.

Benefits of NetSuite ERP

Informative Dashboards

NetSuite’s excellent dashboards indicate its flexibility and thoroughness. It offers a number of customizable screen layouts that you can configure for your company roles. Plus, the administrator can allow staff members to personalize their dashboards.

With the real-time dashboards, you can track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and report and analyze the system data. The dashboards help an organization to evaluate actual performance vs set goals. They also provide reminders for calls, meetings, deadlines etc.

Superb ERP Functionality

NetSuite ERP features start with basic financial management jobs but the difference is the software allows you to perform more such tasks compared to competitor products. The fundamental configuration offers detailed record formats and transactions forms that can be used by accounting staff for their work.  

You can easily create invoices, pay bills, and submit purchase orders. In addition, you’ll be aware of your stock position at all times which enables you to deliver goods accurately and on time to your customers. Other benefits are you can generate reports, manage documents, track time and costs, and maintain accurate records of contact engagements.

Carry Out Advanced Tasks

NetSuite ERP reviews indicate that this app is useful for more than just basic bookkeeping. It offers multi-currency capability and complies with a number of international accounting standards. You can easily track income and costs, and perform advanced revenue recognition management. The software helps you do more than track inventory as it can easily manage the entire supply chain. Finally, it allows you to automate routine processes to boost productivity and efficiency.

Overview of NetSuite ERP Features

  • Dashboard
  • CRM
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Management
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Accounting Management

Pricing of NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP costs are offered on a quote-based pricing scheme so please contact the company for your custom quote. The pricing is based on modules, add-ons, and number of users per month.


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