Need Faster & Better Online Payments? Here Are 7 PayPal Alternatives


Paypal has definitely set the standards of online payment ever since the American company began its operations back in December of 1998. Truth be told, PayPal isn’t exactly the best out there nor is it a cost effective solution when it comes to sending and receiving money online. It is just that PayPal is the most recognizable and widely used online payment portal so many people from all over the world tend to go for it without exploring other options.

But if you like to experiment and venture out for alternatives, then you better check out these seven online payment portals. These payment services have proven to be consistent with their services and can duke it out with PayPal head to head if they are pitted against each other. Check them out.

1. Skrill


Easy to set up and use, Skrill is arguably PayPayl’s direct competitor in the online payment business. Formerly called Moneybookers, Skrill functions similarly to PayPal – you can receive money and pay online, shop on commercial websites, and more. Skrill also provides users with prepaid debit cards which they can use to withdraw funds via ATMs.

But it is not without flaws. Like PayPal, Skrill has placed strict anti-fraud measures which can cause some problems for users, such as frozen accounts and delayed transactions. Poor customer service hampers resolutions even to most common issues.

2. Payoneer


Much like Skrill, opening a Payoneer account is quite easy. So is using it to pay and shop online. It also comes with a Mastercard prepaid debit card so you can get your money offline from ATMs. Payoneer is also a highly recommended payment platform for online professionals, particularly oDesk members.

The downside to a Payoneer account is that you have to put up with the company’s steep maintenance and withdrawal rates. Also, Payoneer charges its members for bank transfers, something that is free from other online payment solutions providers. 

3. Dwolla


If you live in the US and your transactions frequently involve a checking account, then Dwolla can be a great partner for you. Dwolla offers a fast, cheap, and secure online method of receiving and making payments by means of a checking account. Transactions are free for amounts less than $10 and a minimum rate of $0.25 for amounts beyond $10.

The only downer here is that both parties (receiver and sender) need to have registered with Dwolla to enjoy this great and cost effective service. Oh, and both of you need to be based in the US too.

4. Google Wallet


Fast, easy, and convenient, Google Wallet lets you store up your credit cards in the cloud and enjoy online shopping and making digital payments without hassle. Sending money is also a breeze. And if you want to transact in-store, Google Wallet provides a card for that as well.

That said, Google Wallet is also limited to the US market, despite Google’s seemingly global reach. Also, users are charged with a 2.9% fee every time you send money or if you top off your balance.

5. Clickbank


Built specifically for people who sell digital content online, Clickbank allows for a fast setup and very user-friendly operation. Signing up also gives users access to a platform which they can use to see and manage their affiliates and sell their content with ease. Sadly, as mentioned earlier, this system is meant for online content sellers only.

6. Selz


If you are a small time seller who doesn’t have much in the inventory, then Selz could be a great solution for you. Selz is an easy to install payment system that can be installed and activated in a matter of minutes. With its “Buy Now” button shown prominently on your page, customers don’t have to leave the product page when making payments. Selz also accepts Visa and Mastercard so it is quite convenient for online sellers who do not require a huge online merchant account.

Not recommended for large and robust ecommerce websites and online stores though.

7. Payza


Once known as AlertPay, Payza has continued what its predecessor has initiated – offering online users a quick means of making and receiving payments online. Designed for private users and small businesses, Payza allows for easy integration of shopping carts and “buy now” buttons into websites. Another appealing side to Payza are its low fees and online and offline purchases with credit cards. 

However, Payza’s customer service is graded as poor, which can be a bummer to an otherwise great PayPal alternative.


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