Need An Alternative To WHMCS? Try Recurly Or BillQuick Or Other Options


WHMCS is a billing, invoicing, and client management software that can automate solutions for web hosts ranging from domain management, email reminders to account provisioning. You can use this software to send invoices to your clients and convert visitors into customers. If WHMCS does not fit your needs, do not worry. This article offers five viable alternatives to WHMCS that you can try out.

1. Recurly


Recurly is a recurring billing automation and subscription solution for companies of all sizes. The tool also offers customized reporting, dunning management, automated communications, plan management and other services.

Features: Recurly helps to manage subscription seamlessly through its customer management dashboard. The product also offers capabilities such as virtual terminal, multi-subscription support, add-ons, and plan management. Recurly’s billing management features include intelligent payment routing, tax and invoice management, one-time transactions, coupons and discounts, and automated communications. The tool offers rich reporting capabilities and helps in the recovery of lost revenue.

Pricing Information: Recurly’s small business version costs $99 per month, while the Enterprise version is priced at $299 per month.

2. BillQuick


BillQuick is an expense and time management software that can be availed as a cloud-based, stand-alone, or self-hosted program. The tool offers modules such as business accounting, business intelligence, project management and others. The product has been developed by BQE Software.

Features: BillQuick offers a speedy billing system and helps users manage administrative tasks which can help to lower overall overheads. The software enables accurate time tracking for projects to help users meet deadlines. The tool integrates with QuickBooks to facilitate accurate handling of financial activities.

Pricing Information: BillQuick offers pricing packages starting from $14.95/month. Pricing depends on the edition you choose and the number of users.

3. Zoho Invoice Professional


Zoho Invoice Professional is a web-based invoicing and billing product for companies of all sizes. Its features include price management, customer management, payment management and more. The software is a product of India-based Zoho Corporation Pvt Ltd.

Features: Invoicing and billing features include reverse invoices, retainer billing, recurring invoice management, invoice scheduling and invoice templates, and batch invoice creation. Payment management features include multiple payment types per invoices, recurring payments, manual payment processing, and automatic receipt generation.

Price management features include promotional pricing, package pricing, product database, item tax specification, and complex pricing. Customer management features include customer history, customer profiles, and automated follow-ups. Other important features include third party integrations, data encryption, and audit trail.

Pricing Information: The basic version of Zoho Invoice Professional is offered free of cost by the vendor. The Standard version is priced at $15 per month, while the Professionals version costs $30 per month.

4. Zuora


Zuora is a SaaS product that can be used as a finance platform, and for commerce and subscription billing. Subscription companies use Zuora to boost revenues, and scale by offering new services. Zuora helps to improve the customer base by facilitating creative pricing and adoption of packaging strategies. The tool also automates payment and billing processes.

Features: Enterprises can use Zuora to boost their revenue through high volume B2C channels and negotiated B2B sales. Zuora’s many features include Revenue Recognition Reports, Quoting and subscription management in CRM, Account period management, pre-built gateway integration, and automated notifications.

Zuora accommodates multiple taxation procedures and currencies. It can be used to quickly summarize revenue and cash flows, and month-end billing.

Pricing Information: The cost depends on the deployment option and is offered on request by the vendor.

5. Chargify


Chargify is a recurring billing product that can be used by companies to efficiently manage their revenue and customer life cycle. You can use the tool to create different pricing models and manage your recurring revenue business easily.

Features: Chargify’s features include recurring billing API support, iPhone dedicated app, dunning management, business intelligence tool, subscription management, PCI compliant security, and recurring billing system.

The Chargify-hosted signup pages offer branding option and are highly customizable. The customer lifecycle part offers trial period, cancellation features, customer service notes, cash flow, refunds, marketing emails, statements and receipts, and customer portal. The software supports fixed price, recurring charges, one-time charges, charging setup fees, coupons and taxes, and setting discounts. You can get paid via invoices, ACH/eCheck, and credit cards.

Pricing Information: Chargify offers four price packages: New Idea plan for $65 per month, Small Business plan for $129 per month, Small Business Plus plan for $169 per month, and Growing Business plan for $459 per month.


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