Litmos LMS Reviews: Pricing and Features of the Leading LMS


Litmos is a popular learning management system that enhances learning productivity. To start, the solution is hassle-free and less cluttered compared to conventional admin dashboards. Plus, it offers a central chart that compiles completed tasks, user logins, and links to the admin’s activities; and a bar on the left side that lists the courses, conversations, groups, reports, and system settings. In short, you get all the necessary tools to manage an effective learning program.

Litmos LMS allows you to create interactive courses (both within the system and by importing third-party content), and implement gamification features such as points, badges, and leaderboards to motivate your team. This LMS is also easy to customize, and you can create learning paths end-to-end, design employees’ curricula according to the course sequence, and generate reports on any module, course, or separate task. Outside the course shell, Litmos LMS provides access to a vast base of learning materials and reference documents that users can access from any device and location.

As with other Litmos LMS reviews we assess the software’s benefits, pricing and technical specs to help you see if it fits your needs.

Benefits of Litmos LMS

SCORM certification

Unlike many LMS service providers, Litmos LMS is a SCORM certified solution that keeps data secure and safe, and makes it accessible from all devices and locations. This helps you to distribute courses and teach online when working with large and dispersed teams of learners.

Tracking performance

If there’s one recurring benefit you’ll notice in many Litmos LMS reviews, it is that it offers valuable insights to help evaluate the performance of learners. You can also use this data for real-time, custom, and conventional reporting. Plus, you can generate drill down reports that tackle company-specific indicators and metrics.

For example, you can utilize the platform’s pie charts to evaluate user activity, pull out specific course data, and compare the performance and achievements of your teams for different courses. Supervisors can determine the time range for their report, and schedule status lists for a specific period. All summaries and reports can be displayed as tables or charts, and easily exported as PDF and CSV files. The solution will also store them conveniently and ensure valuable information is not missed.

A range of integrations

It is important for your LMS to have streamlined and solid integrations with widely used business applications and systems. Litmos’ developers know this fact and have ensured their LMS can easily export and import data from sales and marketing systems, e-signing tools, and third-party platforms.

No ‘who-where-what’ issues

You can use Litmos LMS to categorize learners, organize training programs and courses, and assign them to departments, teams, groups, or specific individuals. With these qualities, this LMS is an ideal system for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises. You will find it simple to schedule, conduct, and track live training sessions, and integrate this LMS with your existing business systems.

If you want to learn more about the capabilities of this software feel free to check out other Litmos LMS reviews available online.

Overview of Litmos LMS Features

  • Surveys
  • Sell online courses
  • SCORM and Tin Can certified
  • Schedule live courses – ILT
  • Real-time reporting
  • Multi-language and localization support
  • Mobile-enabled – supported on all mobile devices
  • Messages and notifications
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Gamification
  • Embedded content creation tools that support multiple formats
  • ECommerce shopping cart
  • Developer API including SalesForce, Okta, and Dropbox
  • Design and issue certifications of completion
  • Custom branding /whitelabel
  • Assessment /quiz

Pricing of Litmos LMS

Litmos offers two pricing packages:

PRO plan – $3 per user per month for 150-500 users

$2 for 501-1000 active users and quote pricing for higher number of users. Features include email and phone support, course builder, learner dashboard, learning paths, unlimited storage, custom branding, native mobile apps, instructor-led training module, and multi-year discounts.

Salesforce plan – $5 per user per month for 150-500 users

$4 for 501-1000 active users and quote pricing for higher number of users. Includes all features of the Pro plan, plus Salesforce community connector, recommended courses in Salesforce, new user provisioning, and packaged and customized Salesforce dashboards and reports.


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