Lightspeed Retail: Pricing & Features of a Leading POS Solution


Lightspeed Retail is more than a retail POS software — it is also a store management solution that can help you manage all aspects of your retail business. This cloud-based POS software can help in inventory management, employee management, sales processing, and data analytics. It can be used both by small single stores as well as large multiple location retail brick-and-mortar stores.

Lightspeed is used by more than 40,000 businesses. It offers features specifically designed for various types of single as well as multi-store businesses to ensure their specific needs are met. You can grow your retail business using the app’s point of sale software integrations. The vendor’s partners provide services to help you make effective use of the software and streamline the operations of your retail business.

Lightspeed also offers POS hardware to boost the infrastructure of your retail store. It provides everything from iPads to receipt printers.

List of Benefits


Inventory management software helps you track your stock levels all the time. You can return overstocked, defective, or damaged products easily through the return to vendor feature. Plus, you can easily manage your employees by tracking their work hours and sales progress in the software. Expand your inventory diversity by finding and adding new vendors from thousands of preloaded catalogs.


Build a seamless order management process to ensure you have enough stock all the time. Spend less time managing purchase orders by adding items from multiple vendors into one order. Regulate stock levels by setting reorder points for your inventory, automatically populating purchase orders. Plus, you can deliver quality customer service by entering special orders directly into your purchase order.


Boost retail sales with automated promotions for a predetermined time frame. Run your entire store from one app. The iPad-based POS software offers mobility for your sales staff. Boost efficiency and protect your business with integrated payments and EMV compliance. Create your desired store layout and checkout experience. The vendor offers hardware such as label printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners with their retail POS system.


Enhance your customer relationship management by storing important information and targeting the right customers with promotions. Offer your shoppers store credit and deposits, special orders, and layaways, providing a delightful shopping experience. Get more from your POS software by using the right integrations from the wide selection of partners. Show customers every item being scanned with the customer facing displays.


Analyze your employee and store performance with the app’s easy-to-read advanced reporting dashboards. Simplify business management with the help of retail analytics and reporting functionality available for single and multi-location stores. Identify problematic areas and take action quickly within your business with more than 40 available reports. Manage your stock levels across stores and know where and what sells best within your retail POS software.


Use the iPad-based system to take your retail POS software wherever you go. Expand your business with buying events, trade shows, and pop ups using Lightspeed Retail. Add and remove employees as you need them, depending on the season. Access customer purchase information and use the data to plan marketing events and promotions.

iPad POS

This cloud-based solution enables you to take your store with you wherever you go. Check out on the go with mobile checkout and get secure transactions wherever your staff is selling. Know how your staff is selling wherever you are. Your sales reports are available from anywhere in your retail POS software with an internet connection. Upload your logo and images to customize your iPad to fit your brand, creating a perfect selling accessory and tool.

In this Lightspeed POS review you will find even more information on how this solution can be beneficial to your business.

Overview of Lightspeed Retail Features

  • Track Product Transfers
  • Sales Reports
  • Quoting
  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Purchase Orders included in API
  • POS
  • Ordering
  • Omnichannel
  • Multi-Store Passwords
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Drag and Drop
  • Data Reports
  • Customization Options
  • Customer Profiling
  • Advanced Reporting Uploader

Pricing of Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed POS price includes three SMB and enterprise pricing packages:

Small Plan – $99/month

Offers 1 register and access for up to 5 employees. Features include basic reporting, secure cloud backup, free updates, 24/7 support, personalized onboarding, and omnichannel capabilities.

Medium Plan – $169/month

Offers 2 registers and access for up to employees. Includes all the features of the Small Plan.

Large Plan – $289/month

Offers 4 registers and access for up to 20 employees. Includes all the features of the above two plans. Plus, you can add an employee for $9/month. The cost is $59/month per additional register (includes 3 extra employees).


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