IntoDNS Alternatives – Best Choices Including SolveDNS & DNSinspect


Each website no matter how small or big, are all registered in domain name servers, or most commonly referred to as DNS. To lay it out with a simple analogy, DNS are akin to a phone directory, where all domain names are listed and translated into numerical IP addresses that are required by computers and mobile devices in order for these sites to be accessed.  To put it simply, a website with a faulty DNS registration or identity will never be found or accessed by searchers and users.


IntoDNS is an online-based platform that checks the health of a user’s site’s DNS and provides DNS and mail server reports. IntoDNS also comes up with recommendations and configurations that may help in fixing errors within the DNS structure. In the World Wide Web, a healthy DNS status is very critical for the success of a website and IntoDNS is one of the sites that make sure yours is healthy and accessible.

But if ever you find IntoDNS unavailable and not serviceable, you can try to check out these 4 topnotch DNS checker alternatives.

1. SolveDNS

One of the most popular free DNS checkers out there, SolveDNS performs several DNS tests to provide users with accurate and reliable data on the DNS status of the website they want to monitor. Among the stuff SolveDNS analyzes are nameservers, A records, mail servers, and SOA records to name a few. Results given are not cached by the SolveDNS system, which means every single time you check the DNS health of a website, you always get fresh reports.

One good thing about SolveDNS is that the site also includes the number of instances that a name server timed out as well as its average speed.

2. DNSInspect

Launched in December 2008 by independent coder Vitalie Cherpec, DNSInspect analyzes domain names using over 50 standard DNS tests. The system examines a website’s IPv6, name servers, SOA, NS, MX, A records, and mail servers. In addition to its free DNS checking and mail error resolution service, DNSInspect also offers within the generated reports explanations and recommendations on how to fix the errors found in the system.

3. DNSStuff

One of the first DNS health check service providers in the world, DNSStuff has been in the industry since 2003. The site offers a free DNS tool set which is segregated into four (4) categories – Domain/WWW tools, Network Tools, Email Tools, and IP Tools. The free edition does a similar job as other DNS checkers do. However, DNSStuff has a premium edition, called the “Professional Toolset”, which is touted to be faster and more accurate compared to other sites. DNSStuff boasts of being one of the few sites that perform full root server queries to accurately determine issues and their causes.

Also, DNSStuff provides mitigation services and email support for paying customers.

4. DNSDataView

Developed by Nirsoft Freeware, DNSDataView is built as a GUI alternative to the NSLookup Tool included with the Windows operating system. This utility lets you gain DNS health status and more of specified domain names via analysis of their DNS records such as MX, NS, A, and SOA. Users also have the option to save the data from the DNS reports into various formats (text/xml/html/csv).


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