Insightly Reviews: We Test The Pricing & Features of the Popular CRM Software


Insightly is a complete CRM suite developed for small and growing businesses which they can seamlessly integrate with Office365, MailChimp, and GSuite, as well as several popular social networks. To make matters even better, the company offers REST API for the user to connect Insightly to literally any app or business system.

Insightly is a cloud-based relationship management platform, meaning that security matters and regular updates are taken care of without the user’s interference. It is the vendor that assumes responsibility for maintenance, upgrades, data backup, and the protection needed to improve your business. It is because of this that 1.2 million companies in more than 200 countries are using Insightly to manage their contacts and projects.

Insightly offers a top notch infrastructure with several SSAE 16 Type II audited data centers located in the USA. All servers have redundant power and cooling, active suppression and fire detection, and rely on experienced network engineers who are making everything possible to keep your data protected. They can also boost with a solid and highly durable storage infrastructure, tolerant to fault, and equipped with several built in redundancy levels. In this way, all files are disposed in several storage facilities and location which means the chance of losing them is minimal. Insightly makes everything possible to backup your data, and secures it with military and bank-grade AES-265 encryption to empower disaster recovery.

In addition, Insightly works on 4 continents and 14 different locations worldwide to ensure 24/7 uptime monitoring and decent response times. In this way, it detects all weaknesses and service abnormalities in real time, and helps you deal with them.

You can more Insightly reviews to get some extra info about the possibilities offered by this software. As with other Insightly reviews we assess the software’s benefits, pricing and technical specs to help you see if it fits your needs.

Benefits of Insightly

Outstanding relationship management

Insightly helps you control vendors, suppliers, partnering organizations, leads, and other contacts all from the single platform. You can use it to manage all of your projects and events, track email history, and detect opportunities.

Reliable project management

With Insightly, you can preserve absolute control over the progress of your projects, and manage each stage individually. The system helps you monitor all activities, and compare performance results to milestones.

Actionable and detailed insights

The one thing that we cite about this software in our Insightly reviews is that it helps you observe the whole picture of your business’s health, and export all information directly from its task dashboard. The reporting suite is advanced, and offers a variety of activity sets and templates.

Full optimization

Insightly offers dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS users, and allows them to manage customer relationships regardless of their location.

All necessary integrations

You can connect Insightly to a variety of third party apps and business systems, including Xero, Zapier, QuickBooks Online, Office 365 Business Edition, Dropbox, Evernote, G Suite, MailChimp, Box, Outlook 2013, and Torpio.

A unique combination of CRM and Project Management features

Insightly combines the best CRM and project management features in a single platform, thanks to which you can retain full control over your business processes. The system will give you a project overview screen from where you can follow activities and compare them to your milestones, track and create event reports, add and download files, track email correspondence, assign contacts a role, or make any type of modification in your tasks and projects.

Tracking sales opportunities

Insightly helps you detect and manage opportunities across your sales funnel, or create such once you have the full picture of your business’s value and capacity. You can also apply it to manage connected activity sets, funnel stages, and categories, estimate the probability of closing a deal, and forecasting accurately the dates and details of your deals. What is more, you can pull off detailed opportunity reports to estimate the success of your efforts.

Accurate reporting

Insightly offers some of the best legacy reports, and a set of 9 configurable templates and basic graphs that compare activities and opportunities. You can also generate custom and tabular report, and use the system’s professional logic filters to select only criteria that are important for you.  Insightly’s paid plans also provide smart alerts and advanced report scheduling.

Social CRM

Insightly is empowered to detect social media profiles using your contacts’ email accounts, thanks to which their Twitter, Facebook,  and LinkedIn activities will be displayed directly in your mobile app. With this app, you can also explore all of their publicly available information.

A unique Customer Success Program

Another reason why so many businesses rely on Insightly is the possibility to contact a customer success specialist, and ask him for assistance. You can use such assistance while setting up your accounts, training employees to manage contacts, or upgrading to the last version of the system. 

Overview of Insightly features

  • 128-bit SSL security (military grade AES-256 encryption)
  • Custom fields
  • Android and iOS app
  • Auto detection of email address, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Automated address book
  • Automated backup
  • Milestones, pipelines, and tasks for projects
  • User permissions
  • Custom fields and filters
  • Dashboard for quick lookups
  • Easy file uploads
  • File sharing for easier access
  • Flexible calendaring and events
  • Get automatic email reminders
  • Google Apps, Google Drive & Gmail integration
  • HTTP basic authentication to monitor calls to API
  • Project files upload
  • Notes, Evernotes, and comments
  • JSON and XML support
  • Limited OData support
  • Mass email contacts with MailChimp integration
  • Mobile site
  • Opportunity and custom reports
  • Partnership with logical operations
  • Pipeline activity sets
  • REST-based Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Set up relationships, pipelines, and activity sets
  • Set up teams
  • Simple, clear training course materials
  • Single click to see contact’s public online information
  • Specify roles for contacts
  • Tags by keywords, contacts, projects
  • Tasks and milestones
  • Track all email correspondence
  • Unlimited customer support
  • View completed tasks and events by project
  • View task and event reports
  • Web to contact forms

Pricing of Insightly

Insightly pricing consists of a fully-featured free trial and a total of even five pricing plans to choose from. Startups and small businesses up to 2 users should give a look to their Free plan which offers a robust CRM suite. For growing and developing businesses, Insightly offers a Basic plan ($12/user/month) which automates all customer management activities; a Plus Plan ($29/user/month) to organize activities, communicate, and monitor progress; and a Professional plan ($49/user/month) for full team security and workflow automation. When it comes to large businesses and enterprises, Insightly suggests the Enterprise Plan ($99/user/month) that allows them to configure and scale the system in a brand specific way. Note that all prices are calculated on the basis of annual subscriptions.


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