How Vendors Can Use Awards to Market Their Review


SaaS marketers who want to promote their solutions have a lot of options at their disposal such as PR, SEO, PPC and more. However, not all of them realize that they can also pay attention to quality and industry awards as a reliable way to promote a product and to obtain new leads.

These awards are not mere ego boosters, they can be used as promotional tools too. They are a great way to help you underscore the business legitimacy, customer support excellence, and product quality.

4 Methods to Use Industry Awards

Here are four effective methods you can try to make better us of quality awards for your marketing purposes:

1. Enhance brand awareness

Brand value is way more than your design interface or company logo. It shows the commitment customers have to use and buy your product. Seth Godin summarized brand value as “…how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose, the expectations, memories, stories and relationships of one brand over the alternatives.

Quality and industry awards are given by experts who usually will have thoroughly analyzed the product from all angles. This tells the customer that your product is of top quality and they will most likely get a very good experience using it. Take a look at this review for example and see how it boosts trust.

Industry awards indicate that your software is a winner in the market and can create top-of-mind awareness in customers. Smaller SaaS vendors stand a lot to gain by getting awards from leading brands.

Tip: You can showcase your award on social media networks, your website, and your product catalog to boost your software’s branding.

2. Obtain media mileage

Publicize your award in the media and give them a good story. You can publish the news about the award you won on blogs and media sites to get greater mileage. This FinancesOnline review is a great example of such publication.

Even small awards are helpful as you can publish the story on trade newsletters and niche sites that pay attention to industry news. Plus, you can feature the award winning news on your social media pages as well.

The award-giving body will usually also promote your story and provide you exposure. You can create and publish a press release for more publicity.

Tip: Tell the readers why your product won the award and the factors considered by the experts to give you the award. These are great value propositions for your product.

3. Boost user trust

Quality and industry awards and trustmarks act as a seal of approval from a reliable third party. Trustmarks can make your first-time website visitors trust your site and product according to Econsultancy.

An industry award gives you a whopping social proof and testimonial that backs up your promotions. They are thus a big marketing advantage in the cut-throat SaaS market. FinancesOnline reviews are only one of many places where you can use that to your advantage.

A Google CEB study indicates that customers do their own research before deciding to invest in a product. Their purchase decision is 57% completed by the time your sales reps contact them. This being the case, how can you make new prospects and leads trust your product?

Tip: You can do this by showcasing the quality seal or award prominently on your website’s homepage.

4. Be visible on review sites

B2B software review websites such as FinancesOnline, Capterra, and  GetApp can help you get leads from search engines (see an example of review by here). But there are thousands of product reviews on these sites, so it is important to stand out.

You can do this by submitting your software for a comprehensive review by the website. Try to win the best software awards given by these platforms so that your product gets a prominent place in your niche category.

Highlight your app’s main benefits and value propositions to get a favorable review and quality awards. These websites showcase the awards they give on your product review page which tells readers that your software app is a cut above the competition.

Where to win industry awards

There are lots of platforms where you can submit your software to be considered for a quality award. You can try for “The Cloud and SaaS Awards” and software recognition from research organizations such as Forrester and Gartner as well as from vendors like HubSpot and media consulting companies like Content Marketing Institute.

As mentioned above, B2B software review sites like FinancesOnline also bestow quality and industry awards that can get more leads for your product. Try to submit your review on for one of these awards.


Quality and industry awards are not mere trinkets. They can be used as valuable marketing tools to get more leads and sales. First, develop a high quality product and then strive to win quality awards that you can publicize for marketing mileage. We wish you good luck in your endeavor.


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