Gusto Reviews: Pricing & Features of the Leading Accounting and HR Solution


Gusto is a popular accounting and HR software system that offers features for automated tax processing, workers’ compensation insurance, health benefits, payroll, and more. The app’s interface is friendly and easy to use, and the system can be accessed from any internet-ready device. Plus, it seamlessly integrates online payroll with widely used HR and accounting solutions.

Gusto does all the hard work such as filing federal, state, and local taxes for your company to enable you to focus on important tasks. It also acts as a central hub for your employee records. Plus, onboarding new hires is 100% online, and the app can help you to easily manage and approving PTO and sick days. On top of that, the customer support is US-based and you can contact the agents by phone, email, and chat.

In short, the advantages of Gusto are: simple user interface, affordable pricing, free trial, integration with multiple accounting solutions, automatic calculation and payment of payroll taxes, automation of some payrolls, and employee self-onboarding.

In our Gusto reviews you’ll learn more about the software’s benefits, pricing, technical specs and more. As with other Gusto reviews, the aim of this guide is to help you check if the product fits your requirements.

Benefits of Gusto

Gusto stands out among the crowd as it offers an attractive interface as well as useful payroll tools for small businesses. It is an ideal cloud-based payroll solution for small and medium-sized companies that do not have the budget to subscribe to the bigger accounting software solutions.

To start, Gusto guides you through the setup process with demos and help files. You can add the employee info yourself or ask your workers to do the task. Thus, administrators can save time by using the optional employee self-onboarding feature. Plus, Gusto has boosted its benefits administration capabilities by adding a new service that can be integrated with payroll, and focuses on disability, life insurance, vision, dental, and medical coverage.

The benefits service uses an automated algorithm that offers recommendations for personalized health plans for employees based on data such as number of employees, average salary, location, and payroll details. Benefits administrators can choose a suitable tier for their company’s budget. The recommendation algorithm rates plans based on carrier quality and price quotes, and gives them a customized score.  

After completing the setup, you can visit the dashboard which displays info such as to-do list of tasks and a Reminders box that tells you by when the upcoming payroll needs to be completed. Plus, the dashboard also lists upcoming employee birthdays.

To help you import your payroll data into your existing accounting system, Gusto offers seamless integration with leading accounting and invoicing solutions such as FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online.

Other benefits of Gusto include a single login for accessing employee info such as birthdays, phone numbers, time off balances etc., and easy setup and management of integrated 401(k) plans to help your employees save money for retirement. Check out more Gusto reviews for extra information of what this software has to offer.

Overview of Gusto Features

  • Vacation Monitoring
  • Unlimited Payroll
  • Software Integrations
  • Reimbursements
  • Pre-Tax Benefits
  • Payroll on Autopilot
  • Net-To-Gross Payments
  • Multiple Pay Rates
  • Multiple Pay Schedules
  • Mobile
  • Lifetime Accounts
  • Hourly and Salary-based Computations
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Employee Self-Enrollment
  • Easy Charitable Donations
  • Direct Deposit and Checks
  • Digital Signature
  • Digital Paystubs
  • Detailed Payroll Reports
  • Contractors
  • Collaboration
  • Cancel Payroll
  • Automatic Tax Processing
  • Automated New Hire Reporting

Pricing of Gusto

Gusto pricing plans include a free trial and a simple pricing system. You just need to pay a base fee of $39/month plus $6 per employee or contractor. This monthly price includes all of the vendor’s payroll and payroll-tax services.


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