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Choice overload is a problem that consumers are all too familiar with today. Often, they are bombarded with option upon option, whether it be the type of water they prefer, the flavor of ice cream they want, or even the design of clothes they want to buy. The same dilemma applies to the software industry where there are many brands often competing for the same customers. In fact, as of December 2020, there are 18,464 Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) companies listed on Crunchbase alone. 

This is where a SaaS directory like FinancesOnline comes in handy. Boasting more than two million monthly readers and a 17.32% growth in monthly page visits, the website is undoubtedly a leading resource for software users. It offers detailed software reviews and industry reports that guide the purchasing decisions of businesses and individuals globally. Moreover, many of its readers say that FinancesOnline is amazing at providing visualized analyses and comparisons of products. 

How Does FinancesOnline Work?

FinancesOnline was created specifically for businesses and professionals looking for software solutions that suit their different needs. As such, the website maintains a database of over 11,500 in-depth product reviews belonging to a wide range of software types. Whether you are looking for a human resource tool, a sales automation system, an ecommerce platform, or even project management platforms, the website has a slew of unbiased evaluations that you can peruse. 

These reviews are prepared by a team of seasoned industry experts, software analysts, and journalists using a sophisticated SmartScore™ system. After testing out a platform and rating its different aspects, reviewers use this system to generate an overall score based on its main features (20%), collaboration features (20%), customization options (15%), integration support (15%), and ease-of-use (10%). The remaining 20% is calculated based on other factors such as customer support quality, data safety, mobility, and general impression.

After the evaluation of a platform’s functionalities, it is then assessed according to what customers say about it. This is done through FinancesOnline’s Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™. Using this, they can quickly sift through social media sites to collect reviews from customers. It then generates a score based on the number of positive and negative feedback on a particular platform. In this way, it is easier for readers to know the experience of those who are using the product. 

Upon the completion of a review, the products are then categorized. Aside from being organized by software type, these products are also segregated according to target industry, business size (SMBs, enterprises) and users (distributed or co-located teams). As such, readers can find products according to their unique requirements. 

One example of this is Jennifer Ng, a small business owner who is only starting to explore cloud-based systems. According to her, FinancesOnline has helped her streamline the administrative processes of her business. “With the launch of our online store, we found it was time to invest in cloud-based solutions to streamline our operations,” she remembered. The owner of a midsized candle-making company, Jennifer likes it that FinancesOnline is amazing at giving recommendations for small businesses. “Through their reviews, we were able to quickly build a tech stack consisting of a marketing tool, project management platform, and accounting system that work seamlessly together.”

Another thing that makes FinancesOnline stand out is its CloudRank™ system. This uses intricate computations and state-of-the-art visualization to compare and contrast the different software in a given category. With this, it is easy to determine the leaders and contenders in a particular software category, understand the strengths and weaknesses of a platform, as well as see its popularity on the market. The results of this ranking system is what allows FinancesOnline to create top product lists as well as advanced product comparisons and lists of software alternatives.

Readers—particularly those who are browsing for a specific type of software—can leverage this information to expedite their search process. According to Diane Smith, a manager who recently used FinancesOnline for their software search, it has also been especially useful for finding replacements for existing systems. “Since expanding our team, we have struggled to manage our assignments as our project management system can only support a limited number of users,” she recalled. “Unfortunately, upgrading to a premium plan was simply beyond our budget.” With FinancesOnline’s comprehensive list of alternatives, her team was able to find similar options that can accommodate their operational requirements but at a more reasonable per-user rate. “They also have comparison guides that made it simple for us to evaluate the products that caught our eye and finalize our decision,” she added.

FinancesOnline for Software Vendors

Creating detailed software reviews and churning out content on the SaaS industry are not the only things that FinancesOnline does. It is also among the preferred platforms of software vendors for showcasing their products. 

Having a traffic of 27.4 million page views in 2019 and a projected traffic of 34.1 million by the end of 2020, FinancesOnline is amazing at attracting a wide readership. This makes it beneficial to software companies looking to expand their reach. As most of their readers are already businesses and individuals looking for tools, the website not only helps boost a software’s online presence but also makes it easy for them to gain a pool of high-quality leads.


To maximize this exposure for software vendors, FinancesOnline offers paid marketing campaigns that are customized depending on the vendors’ needs. These include content marketing, benchmarking analyses, promotion campaigns, or a combination of the three. Vendors may also request to be evaluated to earn a Verified Quality seal, which can greatly improve the credibility of a product. By leveraging these services, vendors can reinforce customer interest, bring more traffic to their site as well as boost conversions. 

Such is the experience of Benjamin James with FinancesOnline. As a marketing manager for a software developer, James finds the campaign services flexible and able “to reinforce our internal campaigns,” he said. “[FinancesOnline] has continually helped us drive traffic to our site while helping us adjust the campaigns depending on our current needs.”  

Why Leverage a SaaS Directory?

Software solutions, much like any other business investment, don’t come cheap. According to Blissfully’s 2019 SaaS trends, the average spending for SaaS per company has increased by 78% from 2017 to 2018. Statistics show that annual SaaS expenditures per employee cost anywhere between $1,371 and $3,297, depending on the size of a company.

That said, the process of browsing and selecting applications for your business should be as thorough as possible. However, this takes a lot of time and resources to do. This is why using a SaaS directory is advisable. 

These platforms have already tested out the software solutions for you. They have carefully assessed its features using industry benchmarks and laid out all the information you could possibly need about a specific solution. With this information at your disposal, all you have left to do is check out their recommendations, narrow down your options, and test out a few that you feel can meet your needs. Plus, you’ll have prevented yourself from spending too many work hours on the search process—or worse, investing in an expensive platform that couldn’t even accommodate your processes. 

As can be seen from the review above, FinancesOnline is among the most reliable directories that you can consider. Not only does it offer detailed product reviews but it also provides you with ways to find the perfect solution. If you want to learn more about how you can use the platform to your advantage, be sure to take a look at its website. 


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