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Searching the web for software to download and applications to retrieve? Then you must have heard of FileHippo. This online software solution lets users get their hands on various software and other computer systems and applications, most of which are freeware, shareware, or open-source. Developed and launched by the United Kingdom-based tech enterprise Well Known Media in 2004, most of FileHippo’s visitors are comprised of Americans and Indians. According to Quancast, FileHippo’s American visitors amount to 1.4 million per month, making it one of the busiest software download websites in the world.

What FileHippo basically does is host a list of the most popular computer software and applications, including updated versions and another list which contains popular downloads. The items in the list are categorized alphabetically as well as by types (e.g. “browsers”, “messaging”, “security”, “developer”, “multimedia”, and more). A search bar on top of the page is provided if users want to search a specific software by title.

There is no denying that FileHippo is one of the most popular destinations for people who want to download the latest and the best software and applications. But if you want to explore your options, the following sites should also provide you with similar, if not better, services.



CNET has a vast selection of software, systems, and applications for all types of operating systems, platforms, devices, and user types. And while many of what they provide are priced and premium software, more than 100,000 are free, which is one of the reasons why CNET is very popular. CNET’s listing results can be configured to show only those the fit certain criterias like operating systems and devices.

It is quite similar to how FileHippo presents its listing, but what makes CNET a tad better is its review/comment system. CNET has an active community of users/downloaders who provide intelligible comments on many of the titles listed in CNET’s database. The site also has a team of editors that offer detailed reviews that explore a software’s strengths and weaknesses. Editors also give out their recommendations, enabling users to discern whether downloading a software would be a good move for them or not.

2. Softpedia

1132015 Softpedia

Developed by the Romania-based SoftNews NET SRL and launched in 2001, Softpedia basically serves as an indexing site for software information and as a provider of direct links for software downloads. The site organizes its information and articles under the following categories: Windows, Mac, Mac PPC, Linux, Games, Handheld (mobile software), Drivers, Mobile and News. The site also offer technology and software news as well as software and application reviews. much like what CNET offers its customers.

Softpedia is the first site to ever scan the software and computer programs listed in their site for malware and viruses, a practice that is now adopted and highly common for modern download sites. Unlike many of its competition, Softpedia does not repack or rebrand software and sell them to clients. The site simply provide direct links to the software’s main download page or official website.

3. BrotherSoft

1132915 Brothersoft

Like many other software download sites, BrotherSoft offers a wide selection of computer programs, applications, and software for download. And like many of its contemporaries, BrotherSoft has listed its titles based on operating systems, programs, device compatibility, and more. But what makes BrotherSoft special is its Editor’s blog, which offer reviews, recommendations, and other insights on many software and programs, including those that are not widely popular.

Honorable mentions: ZDNet Downloads, Freeware Files, Tuscow’s Butterscotch, and Mevvy.


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