Clarizen Reviews: Pros, Cons & Pricing of the Popular Project Management Solution


Projects, as diverse as they may be, have one thing in common: they’re temporary. They have a definite duration. So in essence, the success of a project depends on what’s done and not done between conception and closing, and that’s a lot of work actually.

This also applies to projects being undertaken by business organizations. So if they want them to succeed, and of course they do, they must employ effective project management techniques – on every single one of their works, at the same time, while following a set of business rules. Easier said than done? Not if companies use a comprehensive project management solution that’s built to adapt to their business needs, like Clarizen.

Clarizen is an enterprise collaborative project management solution that’s capable of supporting the unique requirements of each person in an organization. The platform aids project managers and their teams to get work done quickly, properly, and efficiently while providing external stakeholders with ways to collaborate with others into their project. It’s a high-end product with a simplified approach that makes it easy to work with.

By automating processes, streamlining workflow and providing flexible components, teams are empowered to attain greater effectiveness all throughout the entire project lifecycle, from planning to delivery. Clarizen allows personnel to quickly respond to ad hoc situations and work together using real-time information so that potential issues are dealt with before they negatively impact the business.


Benefits of Clarizen

Numerous Clarizen reviews show that this platform focuses on simplicity even when handling complex processes. It offers seamless collaboration regardless of how big and decentralized teams are. And more importantly, it’s effective in bringing a positive impact on businesses and keeping the negatives out. Here’s how:

Extensive collaboration capabilities

Clarizen changes the landscape on how enterprise collaboration works by linking social context with projects and tasks. This greatly drives profitability and productivity at every level in the organization. Everyone is kept in the loop thanks to real-time dashboards, statuses and business insights on all tasks and projects. Files, links, emails, and discussion are shared across both external and internal stakeholders which creates rich project archives. Also, the system features centralized digital approval and proofing processes so that every involved individual is kept in sync. 

Flexible UI

Clarizen empowers the workforce to do their job in a more efficient manner thanks to its intuitive and flexible UI. With an engaging interface that’s easy to personalize and configure, work hours become more enjoyable, effective and drives the productivity of each team. This, in turn, increases the profitability of businesses utilizing the system.

Automation of repetitive tasks

With its powerful workflow engine, repeated business processes can be fully automated to save time and give more focus on more critical aspects instead. It’s also useful in standardizing the business process and ensuring that project metrics and methodologies are consistent all throughout their life cycle.

Task management

Clarizen is an online project management tool that aids employees in staying on top of their work by helping them prioritize tasks and then leveraging the collaborative features in order to get the context needed for getting the job done quickly and effectively. The platform centralizes every task in the workplace, including both the project and non-project related ones. Thanks to this, important tasks are prevented from falling through the cracks. Also, the addition of due dates, milestones, interdependencies, deliverables, and other related items can be accomplished with relative ease. For project managers, they are able to oversee the status of every task for their projects. If issues occur which might cause delays, they can add resources, re-assign them or do whatever appropriate action is needed.  

Mobile App Support

The functionalities on Clarizen’s web application is being mirrored on its mobile app and this creates a consistent and smooth user experience on any device. For instance, a user can start one project on their computer and further work on it using their mobile device, and vice versa. The software also takes some of the phone’s features, such as camera and texting, and integrate it on work collaboration process. Users can take pictures of receipts and other documents, as well as call or text their colleagues. Thanks to this, team members are able to stay on top of their job even if they’re not in the office. 

Rich Reporting Capabilities

Users can take advantage of the built-in reports and dashboard templates or build their own from a blank slate, both of which are easily done in Clarizen. Every level of the organization has access to complete and up-to-date information which allows for a quick data-driven decision making. The platform has a feature called Slide Publisher that is handy for creating time-saving presentations. What it does is provide a pre-built wizard that allows the automatic creation of PowerPoint presentations which are customer-centric and the information contained within are accurate up to the last minute. Users can also utilize their own template in order to reflect their company’s brand.

Document management

Every file can be managed in one, centralized platform which provides links to pertinent projects, tasks, discussions, etc. Team members and external stakeholders can all collaborate in working on and annotating documents, using only a single tool. And to further support a company’s workflow and document management strategies, users can take advantage of Clarizen’s rich integration capabilities with tools such as Google Docs, SharePoint, and Box. 

Administration tasks made simpler

Administration-related tasks usually pose complexities in them and as a solution to that, Clarizen makes them simpler and more convenient to do. For one, the platform presents its features through a clean and uncrowded interface. This eliminates the instances of users getting overwhelmed with all the functions that they think would be a nightmare to navigate through. It’s centralized as well because practically all the essential modules can be accessed through one location. Convenient project templates are being offered to users too, allowing them to have a head start in their work. Another neat feature is the ability to add notes within a project and when too many is created, users still won’t have any trouble finding them because of the search tool available. 

Stringent Security

Data security is of paramount importance in collaborative project management solutions because critical information passes through the system, either via chats, documents, files or reports. Data falling into the wrong hands is a crisis that must be averted at all cost and for this, Clarizen provides layers and layers of essential security measures. For one, this platform’s services are hosted on secure servers at SOC 2, Tier 3, Type II-certified data centers in Europe and North America. A range of antivirus components are always active and every data is safely hidden behind several firewalls which ensure that no irregularity could get through. There’s also data redundancy in place to prevent data loss and all logins require usernames and passwords that are unique and encrypted.

Seamless Integration

Clarizen supports native integration with the most popular tools being used by enterprises such as ServiceNow, Google Docs, SharePoint, Jira, QuickBooks, Intacct, Box, and Moreover, there is a series of applications found in the Apps Marketplace and can be installed in the system in just a single click. There’s a full set of APIs available as well which allows users to integrate Clarizen to any of the solutions that their business currently employs.

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Overview of Clarizen Features

  • Project Hierarchy
  • Task Management
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Personal Calendars
  • Mobile App for iPhone and Android
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Billable & Non Billable Work Items
  • Role & Assignment Per Project
  • Issue TrackingProject Percentage Completion Reporting
  • Expenses
  • Real Time Team Updates
  • Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Workforce Management
  • Templates
  • Budget Tracking
  • Project Scheduling, Gantt Chart
  • File Sharing
  • Resource Management
  • Document Sharing
  • Multi-language
  • Document Management
  • Financial Indicators
  • Version Control
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Risk Management
  • Professional Services Management
  • Multi-currency
  • Issue Tracking
  • Template customization
  • Custom fields
  • Knowledge Management
  • Methodology
  • Data import/export to MS projects

Pricing of Clarizen

Clarizen has a 30-day free trial offer which is available for companies that want to first see how this enterprise collaborative project management solution would fit into their workflow and if it’s going to bring increased ROI to their business.

 There are two pricing plans to choose from which are Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition. Both of them employ a quote-based pricing scheme. Many modules and functionalities such as Resource Management, Social Collaboration, API Access, InterAct and Reporting Analytics are equally available on both versions. And many features are more available on Unlimited than Enterprise Edition. For instance, there are 200 business rules offered on Enterprise Edition and 400 on the Unlimited. A comparison chart is available at Clarizen’s website.

 There are also three different license types offered, each of them supports a different range of activities that can be done within the system. These are Requestor, Team Member and Full license type.


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