Clarizen Project Management Review: Comparison of Pricing & Features


There are a number of unique features that give Clarizen an edge over competitors: To start, it is designed for both functional and operational managers, and helps them plan each project in an accurate and detailed manner before rolling them out. Plus, teams can use the app to take common decisions even when resources are distributed unequally between the members.

A standout feature of Clarizen is its accurate methodology which enables a company to initiate project activities before the plan is completed, and to switch back to the draft version later on if needed for re-planning. To simplify the meaning, each task/project has its own flexible baseline that can respond to real-time happenings. For example, if an employee quits and puts a project on hold, the same issue will occur in the system.

Clarizen enables even lay users to participate in advanced project management tasks thanks to its user-friendly interface, original differentiation, and affordable pricing. The vendor offers a handy 30-day free trial to help you test drive the features. In this Clarizen review, we read a detailed look at the benefits and features of the platform. As with other Clarizen reviews, the aim of this guide is to help you check if the product fits your requirements.

Benefits of Clarizen

Info is easily accessible

Among the many advantages we cite on our Clarizen reviews is that this app breaks down geographical and time limitations by making business data and information easily accessible on the go. Thus, even geographically distributed and diverse teams can connect and accomplish tasks jointly. Unlike other project management apps, Clarizen does not need an expanded list of rules and standards. Its features are offered in multiple licenses, which means you will not be overwhelmed by expensive bells and whistles you don’t need.

Flexible operations

There is great flexibility when it comes to updates as well as the vendor automatically upgrades all new versions and integrations in the system. This means you don’t need to put a project on hold because the vendor has released a new version of the software. Plus, you don’t need to worry about missing an integration which can cause concerns regarding data security. The vendor manages all integrations which takes a huge burden off your IT team.

Out-of-the-box planning

Clarizen offers sophisticated project planning as the app includes both conventional PM methodologies (independencies, resources, milestones, deliverables, due dates etc.), and out-of-the-box scenarios such as using generic resources while planning, or sorting them out based on their availability. Overall, it is easier to create a project from scratch compared to changing an existing one.

Measurable ROI

You can prioritize projects as the app enables you to compare and analyze projects based on budget, workloads, resource availability, and ROI. Clarizen automates all processes related to handling demands and requests, which makes it simple to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and to ensure each of their pipelines is properly aligned with the company’s long-term goals. For example, the ‘What-if’ analysis methodology tells you the potential result of every business decision and change you make.

Robust monitoring

Clarizen offers strong execution and monitoring capabilities. This helps you learn about stepping stones and obstacles in time, because the app compares info in critical moments. This enables you to generate ad hoc reports on suspicious occurrences and resolve them quickly without causing any delay in project execution. You may want to check out this Clarizen project management review for more details on what the software can offer your company.

Overview of Clarizen Features

  • Workforce Management
  • Version Control
  • Time Tracking
  • Templates
  • Template Customization
  • Task Management
  • Scheduling
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Role & Assignment Per Project
  • Risk Management
  • Resource Management
  • Real Time Team Updates
  • Project Scheduling, Gantt Chart
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Percentage Completion Reporting
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Professional Services Management
  • Personal Calendars
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Mobile App for iPhone and Android
  • Methodology
  • Knowledge Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Financial Indicators
  • File Sharing
  • Expenses
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Document Sharing
  • Document Management
  • Data Import/Export to MS projects
  • Custom Fields
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Budget Tracking
  • Billable & Non Billable Work Items

Pricing of Clarizen

Clarizen offers two priced editions:

  • Enterprise Edition – $45 per user per month
  • Unlimited Edition – $60 per user per month

The special Clarizen Salesforce Edition is priced at $100 per user/month) and is integrated both with Gainsight and Salesforce. The basic features such as unlimited projects, social collaboration, mobile apps and others are included in all the editions. The main difference between them is the availability of integrations and custom fields. You can purchase each on a monthly basis without signing a long-term contract. The company also offers exclusive prices for 36-months subscriptions paid in advance.


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