Best SaaS Directories: What Are The Benefits Of Listing Your B2B Product There?


In the past, most businesses focused on utilizing more traditional marketing and advertising strategies to acquire new customers and spread out their company message. However, these days the situation has been completely transformed by online access, and engaging new prospects has change as well.

For instance, the popularity of online directories has made it easier for consumers to get information about a product or service. In the same vein, product and service vendors find a platform to engage leads in these directories. Today’s directories do not merely offer basic contact details of products and services. More and more directories are offering comprehensive information about a product, even including user reviews and feedback ratings to help a buyer reach a more informed decision before buying a certain product or service.

This is also happening in the case of the SaaS sector. Online SaaS directories provide listings of solutions available in the market right now, offering a wide range of benefits to both SaaS clients and vendor. In this article we’ll have a look at what are the vendor benefits from being listed in a SaaS directory and which directories are worth being listed in.

SaaS directories are immensly popular

When people research a SaaS product or service, they usually check out a SaaS directory first. For example, according to a 2010 study made by Burke for Local Search Association, eight out of 10 consumers will most likely check out a directory first. Of these people, about 80% will either buy a product or at least will have an intention of buying it.

Online directories are cost-effective 

Among the biggest advantages of using the Internet for your business is its cost effectiveness. Compared with traditional media, advertising online is less expensive, and even allows you to engage your intended market.

SaaS listings are great targeted advertising forms

Online niche listings give a SaaS business a higher number of targeted leads, as more often than not, people who usually go to these online directories are interested in these tools for their businesses. Somebody who is reading user reviews in an online SaaS listing website, for example, may be an interested buyer who is finding out whether a certain software program can increase his company’s productivity, automate sales, or streamline program management duties. Therefore, listing your business in online directories may result in higher return on investment for your company.

Here are five SaaS directories you should consider for your SaaS business listing:

1. is considered the fastest growing software review platform, which mission is to help SaaS buyers find the right software solution and provide SaaS vendors with a good way of finding potential clients. allows customers to easily browse through products, using specific tools to compare prices, features, and usefulness. A powerful smart filter can narrow down search results that meet their specific needs, including business size, geography, or payment system. Vendors can benefit from the platform’s marketing plans as well. FinancesOnline provides really efficient lead generation campaigns for all SaaS products. If you have a campaign active for your SaaS you can count on at least 10% conversion rate, which is a bit higher than 7% usually expected from that type of platforms. However, big brands can enjoy even better results, with conversion rates sometimes exceeding 20%. If you’re a SaaS vendor interested in a lead generation campaign for your product you can easily add your product to FinancesOnline listing here.

Here's how a review page looks like on

Here’s how a review page looks like on

Its user reviews and Customer Satisfaction Algorithm allow businesses to easily learn what consumers who bought a tool think about it. The algorithm looks at user reviews, comments, and opinions across social media and calculates a rating.

What makes site unique is its SmartScore system, which evaluates general satisfaction with a given product. It looks at functionalities and features, along with key factors such as integration with other apps, collaboration features, customization, mobility, and customer support. The product is then given a final score that makes easy to decide if the product is worthwhile.

FinancesOnline explains the algorythm used for calculating their SmartScore

FinancesOnline explains the algorythm used for calculating their SmartScore also gives away Verified Quality Seals, based on key factors including user satisfaction rating, SmartScore, quality of customer support, among others. The verified quality seal can be used by SaaS software vendors on their own site and has proven to increase their sales ratings by as much as 14%. For SaaS customers, it is also a solid guarantee of quality performance and sterling vendor cooperation. As a SaaS vendor you can easily levarege the credibility of third-party reviews and the power of quality trust marks to improve trust in your product and increase sales.

Here's how a Verified Quality Seal looks on a product page

Here’s how a Verified Quality Seal looks on a product page

2. Ombud

Ombud is a community-based website. Customers can get in touch with technology users, analysts, and SaaS vendors to ensure their decisions actually match business needs. Buyers can customize their research based on their needs. They can also look at top solutions side-by-side to see what they can really deliver.

Sample Ombud listing page

Sample Ombud listing page

Ombud also acts as an online intermediary between buyers and sellers, offering complete transparency into the capabilities as well as differentiators of a tool, compared with its top competitors. Ombud also markets its services to buyers, helping them recognize the higher return on investment when they buy a certain tool. They also have a good reputation for working with vendors.

3. GetApp

GetApp help companies discover, compare, and purchase the best SaaS solutions. It helps millions of users with its directory of solutions, interactive search tools, side-by-side comparison tables, and user reviews.

Founded in 2010, the site works with at least 1,800 SaaS and cloud app vendors to tap new business leads. The site likewise helps software vendors boost market share and develop brand awareness. In fact, over 2,500 vendors use GetApp to increase their leads and sales. It’s also a very good Capterra alternative for a B2B listing.

An example of top products listed by GetApp

An example of top products listed by GetApp

It lists software tools categorized by devices supported, platforms, industry, pricing model, customer types, and geographies. Its top categories include CRM, Finance & Accounting, Business Intelligence, Collaboration Tools, Business Intelligence, HR & Employee Management, Integration Solutions, Project Management, and Marketing. There are many GetApp alternatives available on the market but it still remains one of the top players out there.

4. IT Central Station

IT Central Station is a crowdsourced review website, where you can read user-generated, independent reviews of solutions for the enterprise tech community. IT Central Station’s community manager verifies the reviewer’s identity. The vetting process involves accepting the review via an interview, and posting it online with the reviewer’s approval.

Only customers properly vetted by IT Central Station can post reviews of products

Only customers properly vetted by IT Central Station can post reviews of products

It is a real-time, dynamic platform that provides user information and other relevant data for enterprise technology buyers. This website provides reviews, recommendations, as well as expert advice for SaaS buyers. It is also known for offering current, relevant, and objective information.

5. Capterra

One of the top online SaaS directoriesCapterra can help SaaS buyers in searching for the ideal solution, reviewing the tools that fit their needs, and providing them with a vibrant platform to engage the vendors.

Here's how a product review looks like on Capterra

Here’s how a product review looks like on Capterra

The site is one of the most comprehensive online SaaS directories, helping companies all over get their ideal for their businesses. Its listings are categorized in over 300 software categories. It also helps buyers with user reviews, buyer’s guides, and blog posts to help them make informed decisions.

It has in-house software experts who can help buyers along the way and could even give them credible shortlists of tools matched to their special needs.

If you want to find more places to add your product for maximum exposure check out this article on where to list B2B business products.


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