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reviewsOnline reviews, for example ones that you can come across on Yelp and Amazon are a crucial factor affecting people’s buying decisions in a wide range of contexts, from booking a hotel to purchasing a retail product. Similar rules play a role in B2B software buying process. B2B buyers often consult user reviews, ratings, and peer recommendations before deciding to invest in a specific solution. The challenging step for these people is getting certain which software actually fits all their requirements. To make a decision, they also ask for recommendations from their contacts and colleagues about different software apps. A recent Capterra survey reveals that 71% of software buyers go to their colleagues and peers for product recommendations.

It is therefore not surprising that review sites like Softwareadvice have become widely used online reference resources for B2B customers. These review websites boost the experience and knowledge of buyers and help them take informed future decisions. Buyers can really benefit from sites like Software Advice as they can learn important things that can help them with the product implementation process or other topics that can improve their knowledge about a product they are interested in. Software vendors can also gain as they can use the customer feedback and user reviews posted on these sites to promote their products.

In addition to Software Advice, there are many other good quality B2B review sites out there. If you own a B2B product we advise you to check out multiple such sites to make sure you’re listed in all popular ones. More often than not, to get comprehensive information about a range of software products, potential clients will refer to multiple review sites. In this article we’ll lend you a hand and we’ll discuss five popular 5 B2B review platforms to list your software in. Read on to find more about the viable software advice alternatives, the marketing possibilities they offer and other benefits they can grant to vendors.

1. FinancesOnline

Review pages on look like this.

Review pages on look like this. is one of the most reliable and fastest-growing B2B review directories online. The website offers unbiased, independent reviews of hundreds of popular B2B software products. It does not merely depend on user reviews, but also has an in-house team of experts who provide thorough and comprehensive product reviews of their own.

It is also a pro-active website. It constantly searches for new products and services to evaluate and prepare assessments for. B2B startups can gain a lot by getting their product reviewed by FinancesOnline’s experts team as a favorable review and a high score can send a significant number of leads to the vendor and improve their sales. You can easily check if your there is already a review of your product with the help of the site’s search feature. If it is not present, you can simply ask them to include it in the website listing by requesting a review of your product.

Here's how a product can be highlighted when a client is comparing his or her options.

Here’s how a product can be highlighted when a client is comparing his or her options.

What makes stand out from other review sites? To start, the website uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes product’s value based on different metrics to provide a detailed assessment to its users. The SmartScore System aggregates a score after evaluating the key features of your solution as well as other relevant factors such as mobility, integration with other apps, collaboration tools, customer support, and customization. The site also uses an advanced Customer Satisfaction Algorithm which analyzes user comments, social media mentions, and other comments about your software product and gives potential customers a useful overall percentage score that indicates the general customer satisfaction with the software. This score really helps people assess the user social proof for the product at a glance.

Review sites also give out awards that can highlight your quality and win you more leads. Here are some awards from FinancesOnline.

Review sites also give out awards that can highlight your quality and win you more leads. Here are some awards from FinancesOnline.’s unique Verified Quality Seal can be displayed both on the review page of the website and on your own product site. The seal guarantees that your product is of top quality and has received positive evaluation from credible and independent experts. Marketing research reveals that using these trustmarks can boost product sales by about 14%.

In addition, FinancesOnline team regularly hands out industry awards, trust marks, and quality certificates. It may be very advantageous to get one or more of these for your product. Not only will it give solid proof about the quality of your application, helping to improve customer trust in your tool, but it will also have a direct impact on highlighting your product among its competitors on the site. With so many apps in every category having an award may be the best way to grab the attention of a potential client. If you don’t have an award yet you can try and get one. It is possible to apply for an award for your product.

The site also offers a wide range of marketing features to vendors interested in promoting their product. You can benefit from an efficient PPC campaign that will direct quality leads to your website that will frequently convert into clients (the average conversion rate for a product is 14%). Other features include promotional content about your product, a detailed review discussing your unique strengths and functionalities, blog posts and media promotion. You can also get premium positioning for your product and have it suggested as an alternative when users browse through your competitors’ offer. These highlights can have a significant impact on your sales figures. If you’d like to learn more about effective ways to promote your product you can request a review here.

2. Capterra


Capterra is one of the leading review sites that helps prospective B2B customers select the right software products for their business. The site also helps buyers connect with the best software vendors. Users can easily navigate the choices presented on Capterra and find the ideal application for their company needs. Software vendors can also benefit as they can use the site to profitably engage prospective customers.

Capterra is a comprehensive online resource for B2B product previews and lists products in more than 300 software categories. The site also offers independent user reviews, helpful blog posts, and relevant buyer’s guides. Capterra’s panel of experts also helps buyers by giving them a suitable shortlist of applications that match their specific needs.

3. G2Crowd

G2Crowd is a leading business software review platform that offers free listing to vendors. The site’s software reviews do not only focus on a particular product, but provides comparisons with competing solutions. It is equipped with a search feature, which enables those seeking to purchase software to filter results by pricing, buyer usage and company size. What’s good about the platform is that it provides every review with a link to the vendor’s site so that interested parties can scrutinize the products themselves.

G2Crowd is useful to enterprise technology investors, analysts and prospective buyers as they can choose the best solutions based on peer reviews and product comparisons provided by the platform. Furthermore, G2Crowd has a grid where buyers can see all software category vendors in a single graph. Those who are listed in the website also get to enjoy lead generation as it provides a number of premium features such as buttons to request for a demo.

4. Comparz

comparz offers in-depth user reviews and rankings of B2B software solutions to help businesses with making sound IT investment decisions. The site features thousands of software reviews written by business owners and users. Comparz also offers user guides and useful blog entries to help buyers zero in on ideal solutions. Buyers can also use comparison guides and whitepapers featured on the site to make more informed purchase decisions.

5. IT Central Station


IT Central Station is a leading crowdsourced review website that offers independent user reviews of software products for the enterprise tech community. The website thoroughly verifies the identity of all reviewers who submit user reviews.

IT Central Station’s vetting process involves using an interview to accept the user review and the website publishes the review after getting the writer’s approval. The website can be compared to TripAdvisor and Yelp as it features relevant product information to help enterprise technology buyers. Apart from reviews, IT Central Station also features expert advice and recommendations for technology buyers. It has made its name as a website that offers very objective and current information.


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