4 uTorrent Alternatives You Should Know About


uTorrent was the best BitTorrent Client software out there, highly used and recommended by almost everyone. However, everything changed when BitTorrent Inc. decided to acquire the upstart company and stack the software with junkware and advertisements meant to scam people.

Naturally, people eschew what uTorrent has become and are now flocking to other applications that can deliver the goods. The good news is that there are four uTorrent alternatives that are worth checking out. Read on to know more.

#1 Deluge


If you are searching for a BitTorrent client software that is open-source and has cross-platform functionality with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, then you can’t go wrong with Deluge. It is robust and has everything you would ever want from a BitTorrent client – encryption, DHT, peer exchange, magnet URLs, UPnP, RSS, bandwidth scheduling, per-torrent speed limits, and a web interface to name a few. 

Deluge can function much like a desktop application, but since it’s built with a client-server construct, users can virtually activate and operate Deluge remotely from a headless server. The user interface looks similar to the uTorrent of old, which can cause a bit of nostalgia for former uTorrent users.

#2 Transmission QT Win

Transmission QT

Transmission is a hugely popular BitTorrent client for many users whose computer systems run on Mac OS X and Linux. Unfortunately, the software does not support Windows.  Transmission OT Win, on the other hand, is an experimental software that has been tweaked and modified so it would run on PCs that are driven by Windows OS. 

Transmission QT Win parades a very minimal and simple interface, a far cry from uTorrent’s familiar screen page. However, some do find the very minimalist approach refreshing as it disposes of the typical knobs and tabs one normally sees in other BitTorrent interfaces. That said, Transmission QT Win is a powerful application, far more powerful than it looks.

#3 qBitTorrent 


qBitTorrent is an open source BitTorrent application created with libTorrent as its basis. Developers had one thing in mind when they develop qBitTorrent – to provide a free BitTorrent software for just about everyone. 

qBitTorrent has every feature you may want in a BiTorrent software, much like Deluge. And it is also a cross platform software that works well with Windows as well as Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and even OS/2.

#4 uTorrent 2.0.4 or 2.2.1


While the current uTorrent is a pain for many users out there, it can’t be deined that old uTorrent was the best. That is why a number of people still cling to  old versions of uTorrent, simply because they can do most of things that current BitTorrent software are also capable of.

The problem with using old uTorrent versions lies in its security. Old uTorrent software can’t do much to protect user’s data because old versions do not have the latest updates and has poor security measures that can be easily exploited with advanced spam and malware.


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